Friday, November 7, 2008

Hey keep your hands off my stuff!

There are two things that are important to many boys I know. Pretending that they are a spy and keeping their little brothers and sisters away from their stuff. Wait... I still like to pretend I am a spy and keeping Connor away from my cash is still a huge priority to me as well, what does that mean for me?

The Discovery Store has many top options that will keep your little spy's ready for the next mission but in the meantime protecting your valuables from grubby little hands is important. The Discovery Voice Activated Biometric Safe over at the Discovery Store has to be one of the coolest safes I have ever seen toy or adult, it actually makes me wish there was an adult version as this thing is really neat!

The Discovery Voice Activated Biometric Safe is totally voice activated which means once you have set the safe up to recognize your voice that it won't open until its owner tells it to! Forget the kids if this thing was just a tiny bit bigger I'd be stealing it for myself. It is however big enough to store your cash, small trinkets, jewelry, and maybe even a note from a first girlfriend! Due to the fact that it takes a little bit to set it up I'd recommend this safe for kids on your Christmas list at least 7+ (with parents help) but ideally it would be best for children 8+.

You can pick up your own Discovery Voice Activated Biometric Safe as well as check out the other kid's electronics over at the Discovery Store!


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