Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Want a gift made just for you?

I've always been a sucker for personalized gifts. Especially as a child I really felt like a rock star if I had something that was made just for me. I'd love for Connor to have that same feeling but finding personalized items especially clothing for boys can be difficult.

Sew Cute offers personalized baby, toddler, and children's clothing and items that's not only cute but its actually pretty classy! One of the first thing's I noticed about the Sew Cute shop is just how many items can be personalized, sure you can get a tee shirt which is what I usually see available for personalization. Sew Cute offers everything from tees to pants and even hooded towels. Pretty much you could get an entire personalized layette for a newborn from the onesies to little jackets.

I got a hooded jacket for Connor, which is not something you normally think of when it comes to personalized clothing. A simple solid colored hoodie that will go with virtually everything but the surprise is that it has his initial embroidered onto the chest. It reminds me a bit of those high end towels that have the owner's initials embroidered into it. Its really classy and beautiful and not in your face "My Name is..." like some personalized gear can be a times. I absolutely love it and its nice enough that he can wear it with a pair of jeans or even with his dress clothes and it still looks great.

You really have to check out the entire line of Sew Cute wear. I personally highly recommend the personalized hoodies and hooded bath towels. Nothing would be cooler than to have a bath towel personalized for a baby shower!


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