Saturday, November 15, 2008

Think you've seen all from Star Wars?

Star Wars was the single most amazing movie series of my time though there were others that were truly great but Star Wars had everything, a great plot, amazing actors, Wookies, an awesome soundtrack, and well still some of the coolest toys ever. So of course when the last movie was over I was excited as it was a more modern version I could share with my children but it was still a sad day as I knew it would most likely be the last we say from Star Wars. Mind you I was pretty surprised and excited when the Clone Wars came out. The Clone Wars is a fully animated version of Star Wars and I am not talking one of those animated specials that makes fun of or mocks Star Wars.

Consider the animated Clone Wars sort of the graphic novel version of the Star Wars series. Though being that its animated in CGI and extremely good CGI at that you'd be pressed to not forget at times that it is an animated show as the characters are incredibly life like. Though the storyline is fairly similar to the other star wars movies this one is set in a slightly different time though you will recognize most of the characters. There are a few newcomers a new padwan and a new female baddie who's name I cannot spell but she looks awesome. The only thing I never could figure out with all of the Star Wars movies is why are the bad guys so much cooler than the good guys? Is it just me?

If your a hard core Star Wars fan and don't like anything a little more lightweight than the original movies this animated version may not be something for you. If your looking for something for your kids that will be a bit more on their level to introduce them into Star Wars or just an extent ion of the movies you will absolutely love Clone Wars.

Clone Wars is available right now on DVD and you can pick up a copy on Amazon!


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