Saturday, November 15, 2008


Hey Christmas is coming sooner than I'd like as I have a million things to do and I didn't want to leave the boys out of the reviews. Usually if I have a friend who has no idea what to buy her husband, boyfriend, or even teenage son the first thing I ask without question is do they own a game system.

Electronic games are a huge part of daily life here and I recently got a PS3 for my birthday to do my bluray reviews but up till now I haven't actually had a game to play on it. So needless to say I have been itching to do this review. It's a little ironic that my very first PS3 review happens to be Spiderman Web of Shadows as I still have not seen the movie, it's been on my to do list but it just has not happened yet.

Spiderman Web of Shadows is available on PS3, Wii, DS, PC, PSP, and Xbox 360 so regardless of what system you have its pretty much available. I personally tested out the PS3 version and my very first impression was WOW is it cool to be swinging between buildings. With a single click from the controller you can be swinging, flipping, and crawling up buildings and its actually surprisingly easy. Really the most complicated thing about the game is learning the fighting system. With the ability to switch between the red suit (good Spiderman) to the black suit ( super tough questionably evil Spiderman) and swing, jump, and vault around while fighting it takes a little bit of practice to get it down pat but once you do its additively fun. As you complete both the main missions and the side missions you can upgrade your characters moves taking you from so so to feeling like a bad ass.

Spiderman Web of Shadows is rated T for Teen and though I am not one to recommend a "fighting" game for kids the real benefit to Spiderman as though the game is based purely on fighting I would feel fairly comfortable for slightly younger kids to play it as at least its not a game where your shooting people in the head, though I am not saying in any way I hate those games as I love them I do feel strongly about not allowing young children play violent games. At least in Spiderman I can be fairly certain that your nine year old will not be able to actually pull off Spiderman's fighting style.

It always seems that movie based games seem to miss out a bit on graphics but that's not even remotely the case with Spiderman Web of Shadows the PS3 version is stunning which makes it even more fun to be flying around the city attached to webs as there is plenty to check out visually. You will also find it incredibly entertaining as almost everything in the world can be used as a weapon. or be destroyed. Actually your actions even affect the people in the world as depending on how you handle yourself you might find people excited to see you or simply terrified.

Excuse me as I have some bad guys to kill and buildings to swing between. heh. Spiderman Web of Shadows is available right now on Amazon!


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