Monday, November 24, 2008

Need something special for your munchkin to wear on Christmas?

Speaking of Dr Seuss and the holidays have you been looking for something really special for your baby or toddler to wear for the Christmas holidays? I know I am always on the lookout for cool holiday pajamas as it seems to really get us in the holiday mood and seeing as they are rarely worn outside the house I don't mind Connor wearing his holiday pajamas year round, actually tonight he is sleeping in his cool glow in the dark Halloween pajamas as I'm not about to put them away just because its no longer Halloween.

I've always associated Bumkins with their adorable cloth diapers and swim diapers but did you know they also make some really cute clothing items as well. Their new Dr Seuss inspired clothing line has one of the cutest pajama sets I have seen thus far this year! The Dr Seuss Coveralls are as much a cute outfit as a set of pajamas and would be perfect for lounging around the house over the Christmas break, unwrapping presents, or even a trip out of the house. They are pretty generously sized across the middle so they are not only comfortable but for those of us that use cloth diapers as well they allow ample room for those poofy diaper butts. I love the fact that they have an open bottomed leg so you can use them with shoes if your going to be wearing them outside the house or for the warmer nights here in Alabama I can let Connor go without socks.

My favorite item from the collection however is the Dr Seuss Vintage Tees, I absolutely love the faded look as well as the ringer necks. One really important thing I should mention is for every Dr Seuss purchase you make from the Bumkins Dr Seuss Collection you will be entered to win a four pack of Grinch ornaments and if you use the coupon code : grinch08 you will also get a free waterproof Grinch Superbib! That's a $7.95 value and its pretty generously sized as it adjusts to easily fit an infant and ours still comfortably fits Connor as well!

Check out the entire Dr Seuss Collection over at Bumkins and we'd love to thank the Mom's Blogger Club for letting us know about the collection!


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