Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can you hear me?

I was a pretty simple kid growing up.. all I ever wanted to do was play "adventures" meaning basically that me and my insane horse Tonka would go on pretend adventures in the neighborhood that is before it seems that parents got to be paranoid about letting their kids roam freely during daylight hours. When I was little I would take off after I finished my homework and I would be gone until it was pretty much dark and though I stayed within the neighborhood I would travel pretty much anywhere I wanted especially if there were any woods or creeks to be found you would normally find me there. Though cell phones were not affordable back then not to mention the fact that they were huge and heavy my dad had this amazing set of walkie talkies that sometimes he would let me play with. Actually one of the biggest toys on my wish list every year was for a good set of walkie talkies but back then a decent set was very expensive and the ones that were affordable were pretty much worthless or they broke constantly, so truthfully it wasn't actually worth it.

I did try to make a "walkie talkie" out of string and two empty cans like I saw in those black and white tv shows but believe me those do not work especially if your attempting to string them to the next house over which is separated by a field, but you can't blame a girl for trying.

Well kids today are pretty spoiled if you ask me as everything I dreamed of as a kid is a reality it seems these days. The Discovery FRS Walkie Talkie Watch Set is no exception. I would have killed for a set of these as a kid, ok.. well I would have done an endless amount of chores! Needless to say they are small enough that they can be strapped comfortably to a child's arm. Are surprisingly clear for their very modest price of $29.95 and have a range close to a mile and a half. Though I did not go a whole mile with them to test them I can't imagine why a child would need a mile distance unless they were like me and had horses or four wheelers that can get them far away from home.

I'm still just totally blown away by them. Kids can use them to talk to each other, carry out covert operations against their sisters, or you can even strap one on your kid and keep the other for yourself and let them know when its time to come home. Even parents will find uses for them as you can use them on camping trips, hikes, or even car outings where you don't want to use a cell phone. They work with multiple sets as well and with the price if you have more than one child its not a bad idea to buy two or three sets.

If that's not cool enough they also offer some neat features including VOX talk which means you do not have to push a button to talk as it will pick up on your voice. This is super helpful while your riding a bike or doing something with your hands. They have an earphone jack and also include earphones, for covert missions. They also have a really cool blue LCD light so you can see the screen after dark.

Overall I can't find a thing I dislike about them and the price is perfect. You can pick up a set at the Discovery Store!


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