Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My little man is in the director's seat!

Connor amazes me every single day. Just watching him

grow is privilege but its one of those things that leaves me with mixed feelings, my little baby is growing up and he's not so little anymore.

I had looked into Hoohobbers bedding and newborn gear when I was pregnant with Connor but at the last second went another route which I regret now as the crib set I did end up going with started looking terrible within the first six months. Until recently though I did not know that they made products for older children as well.

I picked up one of the customizable director's chairs for Connor and I have to say I am really really impressed. Connor is very independent and he is convinced that he should be able to do everything that the adults do but his physical size seems to get in the way of his body more often than not. So finding items that not only fit his small frame but that he can work all by himself is really a extra special treat. Though I'd really like to hang onto him as long as possible I've always believed that he should be allowed to do things for himself whenever possible (and safe) as often as he'd like to try.

Seating has been a real issue, for months Connor has been attempting to climb onto the adult chairs and couch to eat his snacks and watch his beloved Sesame Street but we have had a few bad falls and Ive been trying to discourage him from climbing at least until his legs catch up with his head. The Director's Chairs from Hoohobbers has been the perfect solution. It only took me showing Connor how to open up the chair once and Connor has been doing it on his own ever since. Its very light weight and fairly low to the ground so Connor can easily get the chair out of the closet, carry it to the living room, set it up, and sit down with his favorite cereal and he is ready to go for his morning cartoons. Actually all it takes is me to poor him a bowl of cereal and he is running into to the closet to get his chair. It's actually quite funny to see him dragging that chair out of the closet.

The best part is if we are going to his grandparent's house its small, light, and easy to pack in the car and it doubles as a booster seat as it comes with a strap that anchors it to any standard dinning chair. Though Connor is still a bit too wiggly to use a booster seat its nice to know that when he is ready we will have a great portable option.

Check out the Director's Chairs and the other great gear over at Hoohoobers.


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