Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Do I have a diaper bag for you guys..

I'm always on the lookout for new awesome bags. I'm not sure what it is about being a mom but my obsession with diaper bags and totes has taken on a life of its own as I feel about them the way most single women feel about shoes or designer purses. In many ways a decent diaper bag has replaced purses all together for me as its really uncommon that you will see me toting around both.

This may sound silly and I may have mentioned it before but one of my biggest fears when I found out I was pregnant as loosing my sense of style to cartoon characters and those cartoon printed obnoxious diaper bags, actually the first thing that comes to mind when I say diaper bag in my own head is this bright pink cartoon bag someone gave me when Connor was a few months old.

My first impression of the diaper bags over at SoYoung Mother was, "Wow this is exactly what I had in mind!!". The diaper bags at SoYoung Mother are beautiful and incredibly functional without screaming "diaper bag". The SoYoung Mother diaper bag comes in two colors both a yummy brown with a light blue piping or red with black piping. We have the brown with blue lining bag and I must get a comment on how cool it is at least once a week or more. Its weird as the SoYoung Mother bag is actually my plainest diaper bag really the only embellishment is the inside liner which is sort of a check pattern and of course the contrasting piping but don't let its mild mannered exterior fool you this bag will go with anything and dad's wont be embarrassed to use it either.

I have actually been using mine as my all around bag lately. On the weekend it moonlights as my diaper bag but during the week it goes with me to school and I was really surprised as how well it is enduring the torture of handling my school books and laptop. As a diaper bag its fabulous its fairly wide and not terribly deep so its really nice as you don't have to go digging into an endless hole to find the pacifier that your child dropped in there randomly. There are also pockets all the way around, clear plastic on the long sides and mesh on the short sides. Its not overly large but its still big enough that it can easily be a overnight bag as well.

As a day bag for moms its wide enough that it easily holds a standard sized laptop, notebooks, all your gym supplies pretty much you could use it as anything you wanted to once the baby outgrows it even use it as a large purse if your one of those girls who likes to bring the whole world with you when you go out. No one will ever even suspect that at one time it carried your diapers and baby stuff.

As a diaper bag the SoYoung Mother bag has everything you could hope for. Tons of pockets and and a wide interior so its easy to organize all your stuff. The bag comes standard with stroller straps, so you can hook it right onto the stroller. A cool flap on the back that will allow you to carry a yoga mat, rolled blanket, or that picnic blanket that I always leave at home as there is no where to put it. The best part though is the matching insulated bag and changing pad that comes with each bag. That means there are really no extra accessories to buy, that leaves me a pretty happy momma!

You can learn more about the SoYoung Mother bag, take a tour of its interior, and buy your own in the chocolate or red over at the SoYoung Mother website!

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Anonymous said...

My holy grail bag of all bags!!!

This really IS the perfect diaper bag I was looking for when I had my kids (now ages 5 and 2 respectively). I would gladly have paid $150 for it.

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