Thursday, November 13, 2008

Looking for something cool for a road trip?

Can you believe that Thanksgiving will be here around the corner? The one thing that comes to mind when it comes to the holidays is traveling. Though I don't think we will be doing much traveling for thanksgiving I'd make a bet we will be doing some traveling around the Christmas holidays. Either way I will be certainly looking for good options for entertainment for Connor on the road and when we get to the grandparent's houses.

Which brings me to the first place I check when it comes to finding awesome stuff for traveling with Connor. I did a review awhile back about Little Jet Set and Connor's Trunki. We still are using the Trunki pretty much every trip we go on and every time Connor goes on an overnight trip. It's been a great traveling solution and I love the fact that it moonlights as a ride on toy. So it was only natural that I check out Little Jet Set again to find us something to get us through the holiday season.

Connor has just started taking serious interest in coloring and stickers so I try to bring a few crayons and stickers in my purse at all times. Stickers I've found are a HUGE help to distract a cranky little one at dinner or in a situation where other toys may not be appropriate. I look for those big chunky stickers that will give him a few extra moments of play and we have just started venturing into sticker books that include coloring and sticker activities. The problem is trying to travel with crayons, markers, stickers, coloring books is a virtual nightmare in packing especially if I pack sheets of stickers and paper. Up till now I have been using a cloth shopping bag which is great but things just get thrown in there.

The Art and Activity Backpack by The Piggy Story available over at Little Jet Set is the perfect solution. Its a small messenger style bag that is designed just for what we need. Its sized perfectly to fit several coloring books, stickers, crayons, or even a book or two. The coolest part is under the front flap the Art and Activity Backpack hides slots for 10 markers, which by the way the backpack includes your first markers as well as a doodle book and activity book! With a laminated waterproof exterior and interior there is no need to worry about Connor accidentally drawing on his backpack as it will just wipe clean. I' know your thinking that wow this thing sounds cool but it sounds huge and the worst thing would be to add any unnecessarily large items to your luggage when your attempting to travel. You'll be excited to know that though the Art and Activity Backpack is huge in my heart its physically only 11x8.5x2.5 so its petite enough that it doesn't feel overwhelming when I'm already carrying a purse and large diaper bag.

If your looking for a perfect travel toy, some new luggage, or just want something cool to take on a road trip with you Little Jet Set is the place to go. I absolutely love their section of products great for road trips. Though you don't have to travel to find something neat at Little Jet Set as they offer awesome products and toys you can appreciate every day!


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