Friday, November 14, 2008

Disney classics in a cool new way!

Up till now I had never heard about Disney Treasures. Disney Treasures are just they are collections of your favorite Disney series and characters that you may have never seen before now!

My very first Disney Treasures dvd set is near and dear to my heart. One of my favorite people growing up was my dad's best friend Alan. He was always smiling, always happy, and always excited to show you his best Donald Duck impression. I'm not sure why but that just stuck with me and though Donald was never my favorite Disney character growing up the older I get the more I remember Alan and the more I really love to watch Donald Duck episodes. The problem is its actually sort of hard to find Donald Duck on TV these days. It seems that all the new shows have taken over the disney channel and you rarely see classic disney.

The Disney Treasures : The Chronicle of Donald Volume Four features Donald duck episodes dated between 1951 to 1961. That's ten years of prime Donald cartoons! What really surprised me is the fact that I do not think I have seen not ONE single episode that was included in this set. I was really excited to see one episode in particular called Dragon Around where my favorite disney characters the chipmunks are reading a book about dragons. Donald is attempting his best to get them out of the tree they live in and they are convinced that Donald's machine is a dragon. Poor Donald ends up getting outsmarted by a bunch of chipmunks not that I can blame him I had a set of evil chipmunks that lived in my basement in an historically old house I lived in during my early 20s and those things may be small but they are cunning!

The one thing you will notice about The Chronological Donald is though you may be convinced that just because the cartoons included are older, much older than I am, its really amazing just how good the quality is on these early cartoons.

You can pick up your own copy of Disney Treasures : The Chronological Donald Volume Four right now on Amazon!


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