Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A guard for all your precious things!

Nothing is cooler than robots, nothing, especially when it comes to toys. Though my new little friend may not actually be a robot he looks like a robot and he may not be able to stand up and move around but as far as I'm concerned he may just be the coolest little robot around.

Speaking of toys that I always wanted to have when I was growing up, a secret safe was pretty high up on the list. Kids always have treasures that need to be protected even as silly as they may be. My "treasures" was a set of simi precious gemstones that I collected from various locations. My mom's broken necklace, a my father's medallion from the war, my great grandparent's wedding rings. All things I have had since I was a kid, all things I've been protecting for years. Though they might not look valuable, and they are not monetary valuable, they are pretty much still some of my favorite guarded treasures. As a child I hid them around my room convinced if a burglar broke in (who I was positive would look like one of the guys from spy vs spy) he would understand that they were worth "zillions" of dollars and tote them off.

With all that said if I had had a robot to protect them I would have felt pretty good about myself. My gyro robot from my Nintendo set did most of my protecting while I was growing up but seeing as he wasn't actually designed for such things he was not much use. The Robot in My Room over at Uncle Milton toys, however, is perfectly designed for such tasks not to mention one awesome robot.

Robot in My Room is really more of a piggy bank than a robot but he certainly looks like a robot. He features a coin slot that emptys into the internal compartment that keeps tract of how much money you have deposited, you can add in your dollars too by just keying them in as those must be inserted from the back. A fairly large "safe" which can be accessed via his key that will store a good amount of small treasures. He also has a fully functional alarm to tell you if your little brother or little sister (or those pesky spy guys) have been messing with your safe. He also has a clock and date timer so you always know what time/day it is not to mention he works as an alarm clock as well. I personally just enjoy listening to him talk, as everyone knows there is just nothing cuter than a robot. heh.

My only complaint is that he doesn't have a separate internal compartment for change than he does for your treasures. If you plan on storing a bunch of change in him I would end up using him as just a piggy bank as when you open up the back compartment to get your other items out the change will dump out as well. Currently mine just hangs out on Connor's desk collecting change for something special, I'm honestly not sure what it will be for but when we are fully I'll check the Robot in My Room's menu to see how much money we have and find something cool to splurge on!

You can buy your own Robot in My Room directly from Uncle Milton or they are also available on Amazon!


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