Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ambajam for those cold days!

Just when I think I've seen the cutest outfit ever from Ambajam they just keep impressing me. We have been enjoying Connor's short sleeved Ambajam turquoise tee and his adorable boat pants which I have to laugh about as it makes me laugh as his boat pants fit him exactly the same way that they would if they were boat pants in my size on me. People in this family are not known for their long legs, or height, and though I keep praying my son gets his father's height thus far he's turning out to be much more of a munchkin like his mother. heh. Needless to say his boat pants are almost full length on them its kind of funny you'd swear I had them custom made just for him.

Enough about my son's height or lack of that is.. but the fall/winter collection over at Ambajam does not disappoint. The corduroy pants over at Ambajam are truly a treasure. Soft corduroy with an embroidered outline of a little frog on the bottom of the pants. The little frog is a nice touch as though its fairly large on the bottom of the leg its not totally obvious as its a thin line. This gives the pants sort of a nice "surprise" as if you see the child walking towards you you just see a little surprise of the pattern seen on the leg. They come in chocolate, pink, black and red and every corduroy pant features the Ambajam's signature froggie. With the froggie on the leg you really have to get one of the matching Ambajam tees in the froggie pattern as well. The only problem is deciding which shirt and color pattern is the one for you as they are all incredibly adorable!

One feature that really makes the Ambajam corduroy pants stand out from other children's clothing we have reviewed is the fact that the pants feature an adjustable waist band. When I say adjustable waist band this is nothing like the adjustment pants I have ever seen before. Connor's waist is usually about two sizes behind his top size and leg length as he is very slender and unless he is wearing a cloth diaper finding pants that actually stay on him is nearly impossible and seeing as I can only rely on the cloth diapers so much longer finding pants is really becoming a challenge. The adjustable waist band on the inside of the Ambajam pants is hidden by two beautiful little pearl buttons which hides in my opinion one of the best secrets. These pants do not just a few button lengths like most adjustable pants do.. I can almost pull the elastic all the way around to the other side and you could adjust them as tight as you needed them. On Connor we have to pull up the waistband a few inches which is fabulous as, well, we can just let them in or out as much as we like and no need for a messy hem or attempting to mess with belts.

Go check out the entire collection of clothing over at Ambajam!

Those of you that will be stalking the black Friday deals I have some awesome news for you this entire weekend Friday - Sunday Nov 28th-30th you can enjoy 25% off any regular priced Ambajam item just use the code : BF25!

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Dee said...

oh wow they have some really cute stuff!

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