Friday, October 31, 2008

Whats that hiding in the toybox?

I remember my very first toy from the Manhattan Toy Company. It was a little dragon finger puppet that I just gave to Connor a few weeks ago. He was stashed away with my other "treasures" and I came across him when I was cleaning out the attic for a garage sale. That inspired me to add a few new faces to our toy box.

Our first new friend is a mild mannered dragon named Dupers. I can't say he is very scary though as he is soft and squishy and must have ate one too many marshmallows as his stomach feels a little like one. Soft, fluffy, velvety soft he would be a good first dragon for any child or even a great baby shower gift. There certainly wont be any angry villagers hunting Dupers down accusing him of eating the village's horses as it looks to me like he would prefer a nice warm glass of tea and some tarts. He is recommended for children 3 and up but I feel totally secure giving him to Connor at 18 months and he LOVES to snuggle with him.

If your looking for something a bit more on the wild side the The Galoompaglots are a group of misfit looking monsters, all perfectly friendly, all totally hugable just waiting to make friends with you. We adopted a Trilby and he looks amazing, covered with fur in odd places, weird bat like ears that are poseable, bushy eyebrows, and the funniest looking belly button. There is really nothing scary about him at all you can't resist petting his eyebrows and touching that belly button no matter how you try. Though not quite as squishy and soft as Dupers there is something just lovable about Trilby. I have Connor's sitting by the chair at his closet to help guard against those evil closet monsters.

Check out the other plush over at Manhattan Toy Company. I highly recommend them especially if your looking for something unique.


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