Friday, October 31, 2008

Kit, a new American Girl

I have to admit the only thing I know about American Girl dolls is that my cousin really really loves them. heh. Otherwise I am pretty clueless though I hear they are simply amazing but being a mom with a boy I don't get nearly as much girl stuff across my desk as I'd like to see. An American Girl has a whole new DVD out, Kit Kittredge which is bound to be a childhood classic for girls everywhere.

I've never seen any of the other American Girl movies but it seems a little ironic about the timing on this one. Kit and her family live during the Great Depression and when her father looses his business they are forced take on boarders to save their home. The only problem is someone steals her mother's lockbox that containers all the money that they earn. The question is who?

I wonder often what would happen if another depression really hit, and from everything I know from history studies I doubt that its even possible as many of the regulations we have today are built specifically to prevent it from happening but its possible that American Girl was thinking the very same thing and brought Kit in to help reassure the kids that the world will not end if it does happen. I know kids today are more in touch with whats going on around them than ever before and I see the stress of everyone's pocket books on all the kids I know at times, even Connor. He may not be old enough to understand exactly what is going on but I see it come across in his attitude when I'm feeling stressed he acts up.

It's a cute story and I love the fact hat it comes with its own free digital copy option, as most kids these days seem to have mp3 players if your child's player or psp has enough memory to store a dvd you can just use the digital copy and transfer it over for those days your on the go!

You can get your own copy of Kit Kittredge an American Girl on DVD right now on Amazon!


Anonymous said...

Great post - my family loved the movie. My 10 year old daughter wrote her own review of the movie on our blog:

Stephanie said...

This film looked very sweet in the previews. I wish my daughter was just a bit older so that we could watch it together because it's not really my husband's type of movie. LOL. :)

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