Monday, October 13, 2008

Whats blue and lives in a mushroom?

If you really want to talk about something that gets me really excited my favorite little blue friends from my childhood are back on DVD!! I can remeber a few things that were really some of my favorite things growing up and pretty high on the list was The Smurfs followed closely by those ribbon "dance" tapes.. heh. I'll even forgive the fact that I was usually referred to as a Smurf due to my height, hey the poor Smurfs needed more than one girl anyways.

The Smurfs were a group of tiny blue um.. creatures who lived in the cutested little mushroom houses. The odd part was that all of the smurfs but one, Smurfette, where boys and there was one old Smurf named Papa Smurf which was their "leader". Most of the Smurf episodes focused on how Gargamel, the evil kinda creepy looking old man wizard was always attempting to capture the Smurfs so he could eat them for dinner. His cat Azrael was by far smarter than he was and much more attractive to boot. Gargamel actually creeped me out as a kid as he always resembled to me that creepy dirty old man in the neighboorhood that all the kids avoided like the plague.

The Smurfs are one of those cartoons that is so rare to find these days, nothing violent or negative (other than the ocassional mention of Gargamel eating the Smurfs) and Smurf toys were not a big deal so the cartoon was not built to sell them which is a huge plus. Though there were smurf figurines late in the show there were really not many smurf toys which was actually a tiny bit of a shame but it did keep the show from becoming one large advertisement.

All in all The Smurfs are just plain good fun and every mom can appreciate the storyline. The Smurfs Season One - Volume Two includes 20 of the episodes from season one! So get to smurfing and get your own copy over at Amazon!

You can learn more about the Smurfs over at their website.


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