Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Looney Tunes than you will know what to do with.

I grew up on the Looney Tunes... Bugs Bunny, Pepe LePew, The Road Runner, Daffy Duck.. I've most likely logged more hours in Looney Tunes than any other show known to man. My mom was a hairdresser when I was growing up and on the days she worked I would go into the salon with her after school and sit and watch cartoons while I did my homework most of which ended up being Looney Tunes for some odd reason.

Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 6 is enough to keep most kids busy for months.. four full discs of Looney Tune goodness to be exact 413 minutes of it. I was actually really taken back by this DVD as the first disc includes many of the episodes I remember from my own childhood but once you get into disc two, three, and four it starts to get a bit odd as I've never seen most of them as they far out date me. Disc two is full of wartime cartoons, what most of you may not know but my grandfather shared with me when I was young is that Looney Tunes can really owe alot of their success and fame to the wartime cartoons. Built to make wartime propaganda a little easier to swallow it works in the idea of war in a format that kids and adults can relate to. Don't worry though it may be dated it is family friendly. The third and fourth disc were the ones I found most interesting as I've not seen most if not all of the cartoons on them! The third disc includes many of the original cartoons before they were even Looney Tunes! Very dated but still tons of fun its a rare glimpse into early cartoons. The fourth disc has some of the weirdest Looney Tune episodes I have ever seen including a rare early episode with Marvin the Martin, my favorite looney tune, where he visits Georgia to spread love and peace but instead everyone is just terrified of him. I seems its quite the controversial cartoon but personally we loved it.

If that is not enough Looney Tune action for you in one month the other release is Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection Volume Six! If your interested in the more mainstream Looney Tune episodes this is most certainly the DVD for you. All your favorite characters from Looney Tunes entertain you with two full discs of Looney Tune goodness. This DVD set includes my favorite Looney Tunes of all time Transylvania 6-5000. Bugs Bunny ends up at a haunted castle. Instead of hunting "hunters" this time you will find him hunting vampires! I must warn you that both of these DVDs will leave you daydreaming about Looney Tunes both day at night.

Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection Volume Six and Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 6 are both available right no on Amazon!

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Chic Shopper Chick said...

I can totally still sing the entire song from start to finish!

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