Monday, October 27, 2008

A cool way to keep your books in order.

I always find something I just can not live without it seems every time I head on over and visit one of our favorite retailers Oompa Toys. I mean seriously I can't even get past the front page without drooling on myself and making a list of at least ten things I MUST have.. mind you its what I think Connor MUST have but I think I get more excited over his toys than he does.

I know I've mentioned that his book collection is getting bigger by the second and his new toy box actually has a nice shelf at his level that we can store his board books on. I'm not quite brave enough to put his regular books out yet as I'm still a bit paranoid he will get a little rough with them yet. The issue I was having with his books is the fact that we don't quite have enough board books to go all the way across the shelf so I was at the point where I really had to buy a book end but the classic heavy book ends just would not do as Connor touches EVERYTHING and of course if there is something on his shelf he is going to want to touch it, carry it around, and who knows even lick it. To save his little toes I knew I had to find something safe for him to handle but sturdy enough to hold up to his abuse and of course something that would functionally hold up his books.

Oompa Toys has a whole section devoted to bookends that serve just this purpose. I ended up going with the Gator Bookend from Streamline. He looks a lot like a regular stuffed animal but if you pick him up you immediately know something is a little different about him. He is very heavy but not so heavy that he would hurt your foot if you dropped him. His "skin" is rough and almost leathery which makes him incredibly sturdy as well as easy to clean as if he gets dirty from sharing pop tarts with Connor on the living room floor I can just take him over to the sink and wipe him down with a wet washcloth. The only issue is he is rarely holding his post on the bookshelf as Connor loves to carry him around the house! When he does leave him alone he holds up the books as well as if we had gotten a wooden or heavy stone bookend. I'm positive he will be a cherished guardian of our book collection for years to come.

While your over there checking out our Gator Bookend why don't you check out Oompa Toys selection for the holidays. You can search for toys and items based on age, manufacturer, type type, even the country in which the toy was made. If your like me and have an obsession with wooden toys you will be in heaven as they have one of the largest selection of wooden toys and European made toys and goods I have seen. I know I can not leave the site without at least checking out the Haba Toys selection!


Holly said...

i really like that stuff. im scared to give my baby anything for fear it could be made in china or have lead in it. i swear china is trying to kill people off....

Anonymous said...

Amazing toys. These toys is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

perfect for me with tons of book! or sa anak ko... hilig din magbasa nun

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