Thursday, October 30, 2008

Made just for me..

I have a fetish for mom jewelry and an even bigger fetish for silver jewelry. Combine the two and you know I'm curious. However its a rare treat to have a piece of jewelry designed completely for me!

Karen over at Karen Kitsch makes personalized jewelry either by stock pieces that you can customize or she will build you something all your own.

I got a personalized bracelet but I didn't see one that really matched my style from the stock pieces so I emailed Karen and she was glad to help. I gave her very little direction so it got pretty interesting. With a description of "modern punk rock sparkly" Karen's creation of my bracelet could not have nailed it more. Skulls, sparkly beads, Connor's name, and even a charm with his picture on it tops it off. The neatest part is I couldn't have made a more perfect bracelet. It looks a bit like a hybrid between a name bracelet and a charm bracelet, a little chunky, lots of things to look at, but not too fru fru which is what I was most worried about. I love the fact that its really girlie without being too over the top and my pretty little skull and dog charm just completes it for my personality. It does indeed have Connor's name on it and it does have his gorgeous little face on a charm that hangs off of it, but its all me. Finally something that is all mine.

Hmm speaking of which I would love to have a matching necklace, or even a matching bracelet minus the pink for Connor with my name on it. I know it seems a little girlie to put a bracelet on a baby boy, but seriously how often do I walk around town with or without him with his name not plastered somewhere on my body be it through jewelry or clothing it only seems fair right?

Visit Karen Kitsch's website or her etsy shop to see more pieces from her collection. I highly recommend them as a Christmas present for the moms in your life be it grandmothers, moms, or even aunts.


Momma J said...

So pretty!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a glowing report. I am so glad you like your bracelet and I am even more glad that I got the balance just right for you. Thanks for everything!

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