Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can your pen write in space?

Most writing utensils rely on gravity to bring the ink down to the writing surface. The Space Pen however defies all logic when it comes to a standard writing pen. It writes upside down, in high heat, freezing cold, in the rain, and its said that it will even work in space as well as underwater though I can't say I tried it in space or underwater.

I did however try the "Jerry" test. There was an entire episode of Seinfeld dedicated to the Space Pen where Jerry meets a guy while visiting his father in Florida who has an unusual pen who he claims writes upside down and was used in space. It turns into a big drama when he gives Jerry the pen but ever since I saw that episode I swore I would track down one of those "upside down pens" and try it out. It took me awhile but I finally got one. heh.

The Space Pen looks like a normal high end pen but its no ordinary pen. It does indeed write upside down but the best part is that unlike other ball point pens the ink does not smear as the ink is pressure loaded so there is no clotting inside the pen causing it to write uneven. I gave the pen to Connor's dad to use on the street as he is a Police Officer and it got shining reviews. Really the only complaint was that the guys felt a little paranoid that someone signing a ticket may feel the urge to try to pocket the pen. heh.

If your looking for a really cool pen for a gift for dad, a grandparent, or anyone in your life its a great option. If that someone happens to be a Seinfeld lover just tell them it was the upside down pen as I know personally I would have thought that was the coolest gift ever. heh.

The Discovery Store actually has several options of Space Pen's available. We tried out the CH4 which is the medium priced model and I absolutely love it. It's a bit on the slender side so if you really love a chunky pen you should check out the AG7 I would have liked to have had a little bit of a chunkier pen but I do love the price on the CH4.

I absolutely love the Discovery Store and anytime I am looking for an unusual gift for the people on my list that seem to have everything or just something to make me look cool at birthday parties, shh, its the first place I look. You can check out the whole section of Dad friendly gifts over at Discovery Store as well!


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