Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is that drums I hear coming from the bathroom?

The only problem is he loves to stay in the bathtub to the point the water turns cold and finding quality bath toys has been a real issue. Many bath toys don't make it a long time around here as many mom's know that toys that hold water inside them at all sadly eventually grow mold and it seems no matter how often you clean them once they've molded once they always seem to be a problem after that.

So I've been on the lookout for some cool toys for the bath that would keep Connor's attention, make use of all that time he spends in the bath tub, and be easy to clean and dry so that evil mold problem would not be an issue. When I came across the Water Drums over at Alex Toys I knew Connor would be excited.

Outside the bath tub if you beat on the drums they make a dull sound, not saying you can't play with them outside the bath tub they just don't make a "drum" sound but the moment you float them on some water and hit them they make a really nice drumming sound if you use the drum sticks or even if you use your bare hands its really quite cool. Connor loves to beat on them for awhile then turn them over and float them upside down as a little boat for his other toys.

For Mom you will find that they are the easiest to clean bath toy you will ever own and are widely appealing to younger toddlers and even older children as they go from just being a noise maker to an actual musical instrument depending on the age level. I have to admit I find them pretty entertaining myself!

Water Drums
are available as far of the Tub Tunes set at Alex Toys!


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