Thursday, October 9, 2008

Introducing the HP C4580!!

The Photosmart line of printers has come a long way since my behemoth of an all in one printer was made a few years ago (ok um 6 years ago?) The C4500 is the newest edition to the HP Photosmart family and these days they multitask with the best of them!

Part scanner, part desktop printer, part photo printer the Photosmart C4580 is equipped to take you through your day from printing reports and documents to printing incredibly crisp photos to scanning your favorite kid's artwork or pictures. The first thing I noticed about it was its size and great looks. If your looking for a printer that can do it all but not take up your entire desk you have found your match. The HP Photosmart C4500 is smaller than the average inkjet but has twice the options.

Some of the great features includes a 1.5 in color display, built in memory card slots on the front of the printer, a full sized scanner bed, the ability to "see" what you want to print as you can just load in your memory card without a computer and scroll through your photos and print them directly from the printer, and the best part it has the ability to go completely Wifi so laptop users or families that are networked across the house will not miss out and everyone can share one computer. Personally I use wireless for all of my printing needs even on my desktops just to cut down on the amount of cables accessible to noisy little hands, ahem, Connor.

It's actually incredibly easy to use, without any issues I plugged in the printer, installed the two color cartilages, turned it on and installed the software on my desktop and laptop and was ready to print in just a few moments. The printer itself runs very very quietly which is great as my old behemoth is rather noisy and I am always concerned I will end up waking up the baby.

Performance wise the Photosmart C4580 is a powerhouse of a relatively tiny printer, I was really quite impressed at how fast it finished printing documents and it actually is really quick about printing photos which typically takes what seems like forever on most printers. The color quality on the photos with just the regular cartridge's is great but there is an option photo cartridge designed especially for printing photos which will up the performance. I tried printing form all over the house and I had no issues connecting to the printer and I didn't notice any difference in print time from wifi than from a regular network print.

Price wise the Photosmart C4580 is a steal at a little over $100. Its hard to get a smaller photo printer for that price much less a full sized all in one printer.

Really as far as my own use is concerned the only disappointment was the lack of faxing capabilities. Though I currently do not have a typical land line that will allow me to fax I plan on upgrading my phone's router here shortly and faxing will be a big concern.

Hey now you only need one printer for everyone in the household! Love it, but wish it was in black? Well well.. such is a rarity in printers but here shortly you will be able to choose from the standard white model and a new sexy new black model. I have to admit if given the choice I always choose black over white or off white as my my desk is black and my computer is metallic green so black is always the better option if you ask me! You can decide for yourself though.

You can get your own HP4580 directly from HP!


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