Friday, October 10, 2008

Hate messy carseats?

My mom unfortunately pointed out to me last week that Connor's car seat is full of random filth from every snack he has had most likely in the last three weeks. Call me a bad mom, but honestly I didn't notice usually when we are rushing to and from school, his aunt's house, and wherever we need to go the last thing I am looking at is the crumbs tucked into the creases of his car seat. I honestly think I try to avoid looking as every mom knows what a total pain in the tush it is to get a car seat cover off, get it in the washing machine, get it dried and then back on the car seat all the while you can't use your car seat its just horribly inconvenient.

Well we won't be having that problem anymore as Connor was lucky enough to get his own Nomie car seat cover. The Nomie cover comes in toddler/convertible and a infant car seat size so unless you have an unusually shaped carseat they will fit virtually any car seat you throw at them. I tried out the toddler/convertable size and made the rounds on Connor's car seats. It actually fit every car seat I tried it with really nicely. The only car seat that gave me a bit of problems is a super compact model I have as the Nomie was a bit big and though it did fit I didn't like how it ballooned out on the sides. (This was on a Britax Diplomat which is a very small very compact toddler car seat which is about half the size of their traditionally sized car seats). Otherwise on my full sized toddler car seats it fit nicely and it did not seem out of place at all.

The thing I really love about the Nomie is unlike most car seat covers that leave a gap where the crotch snap comes out of the car seat, which is the best place for all those crumbs and random french fries to collect, the Nomie forms a totally tight seal so any crumbs collected stays on the Nomie itself and does not get lost in the holes and spaces in the bottom of your car seat. The Nomie is also totally waterproof, the top layer is a soft almost silk like quilted material and inside is a light padding which is great for those older car seats that may not be as comfortable as they once were and underneath is a waterproof layer so spills or unfortunate accidents are totally contained.

Getting the Nomie on your car seat may just be the easiest thing you will ever do when it comes to installing a car seat. Leave your existing cover on and slip the Nomie over your carseat and unvelcro the two strips that run down the middle of the cover and velcro it back on the velcro allows you to adjust the openings anywhere you need them which is great especially for those convertible car seats where you may have to adjust your straps to go from a six pound newborn to a 50 pound child. Personally I am not a big fan of having to rethread straps so having velcro adjustments just makes my day! It's actually easy enough to use that I can quickly move the Nomie from one car seat to another if Connor is going to his grandparents for a week.

Washing the Nomie will leave you sold on car seat covers. Just take it off, throw it in the wash and use your existing car seat cover in the meantime. No more having to rush rush to get your car seat cover washed just so you can use your car seat the net day. Anything to take even a fraction off the daily stress of being a mom and having to get to school is fabulous in my book! And for mom's on a budget you will be very happy to know that the Nomie is only $34!!! Compared to many car seat covers that go for as much as $80 to $100 that's a fabulous deal!

You can get your own Nomie in a choice of blue, yellow, white or pink on the Nomie website!!


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