Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I always wondered what a tuffet was...

As a child I always wondered what exactly was a tuffet? I mean I knew it must be something for sitting on as Miss Muffet was always hanging out on her's but what IS a tuffet?

Well The Tuffet is one of the coolest mom made gadgets we have seen in quite some time! It's basically a large round pillow similar to a bean bag but much flatter. It seems like a simple idea but it's one of those things that once you have one you will wonder how on earth did I ever get along before this?

We have the smaller Tuffet a 30" round circle and its just the right size for Connor to hang out on and eat his cereal in the morning, relax on, and even take short naps. It comes with a removable cover which is very easy to get off and it washes up really well in the washing machine. Actually the first impression I had of The Tuffet was just how amazingly well made it is, as a mom owned and produced product I'm not sure what I expected but as I once worked as a seamstress I guess I can't help myself but to casually inspect seams and I try not to but seriously its made to last. I've washed our cover four time already as Connor has issues with pop tarts and it looks the same as the day I took it out of the package.

The Tuffet comes in two sizes a 30" round and a 36" round. The 30" round is the perfect size for babies and toddlers, the 36" is great for older kids, multiple kids, or even adults. I have a smaller living room so the 30" fits us perfectly and Connor has plenty of room to lounge. Both come standard with a bean bag insert that brings the tuffet 5 inches off the ground. If you are buying for an older child you may want to consider adding a thicker insert, but with babies and toddlers the 5 inches is just perfect.

The real beauty of The Tuffet is its perfect to use from newborn on up. With infants it can be a perfect nap spot, a place for tummy time, something to crawl on, and as they grow its a great place to sit and watch cartoons, a place for daytime naps, and even a great place to read. Connor keeps his inside his tent in the living room and he goes in there and hangs out, eats his breakfast, and will drag it out and watch his cartoons. Mind you the smaller tuffet is almost wider than he is tall so its pretty funny to see this tiny little boy dragging around a pillow that looks twice his size. It's pretty light though so he has no issues moving it where he wants it.

One side of The Tuffet is plain the other side has two pockets, the pockets are the perfect size for stashing diapers or the small wipe cases, small board books, or even toys. You can flip The Tuffet over to the plain side and no one would know you stashed goodies on the other side. Connor likes to stuff his pacifiers in his pockets as he knows I will take them away if I find them as I'm trying to limit him to nap time and bedtime but sadly its just not working. I swear that kid is smarter than I am sometimes.

I should note that The Tuffet's creator has three boys of her own.. plus a husband makes four if that doesn't speak for how durable it is, heh, nothing will.

You can read more about The Tuffet and get your own over at The Tuffet's website.


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