Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bringing you 30 years of poopy diapers!

Can you believe that for 30 years Huggies has been a top choice for mom's everywhere when it comes to covering tiny tushies. My mom even used Huggies on me while I was still in diapers and let me tell you I'm almost embarrassed to say that I was the very first generation of babies to experience them. To celebrate 30 years of Huggies they are a Generation Huggies Sweepstakes where you can win 30,000!! I can think of what seems like a million ways to use 30,000 but I think my biggest priority would be to buy a new car as my Honda is a little on the elderly side and I hate to even think about what I'm going to do when it finally breathes its last breath. I could buy myself a brand new car and even have a little left over to go into Connor's college fund! How amazing would that be?

Along with a 30,000 prize Huggies will choose 30 moms to represent them in a national campaign. To enter you must submit a short video clip answering one of the three mom related questions It does not need to be a long essay videos must be under 60 seconds in length. Then just sit back and watch as other mom's vote on your video and hopefully you will be one of the lucky winners!! To sweeten the pot every mom that uploads a video will get a $6 off Huggies coupon. Hey if you watch the sales you can almost get a whole package of diapers for that!! I watch the sales pretty closely and I know its not uncommon to see Huggies on sale around here for $9 a package.

Head on over the Generation Huggies, browse the other mom's videos, vote on the ones you love, and of course submit your own. You can't loose as no matter what you will get the coupon! Hey who knows its possible we will be watching you on a future Huggies commercial too! If your chosen as one of the 30 moms who's videos will be featured in a TV campaign you will receive $300 for your video. That should at least knock out your Christmas shopping!

Entries are open on Generation Huggies till Nov 20th, 2008!


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