Thursday, October 16, 2008

Connor can you find the Giraffe?

It is so hard to find a family game that not only your preschooler will love but can be played with older kids in the family. Animal Scramble is a new active game from Wild Planet. An active game reminds me of a board game but instead of having pieces and dice the players do all the work.

Animal Scramble comes with four animals, or "targets", and a giraffe which calls out the directions for the game. The giraffe calls out instructions to the player holding him and keeps track of how long it takes for the player to complete the round. There are actually five levels to choose from going from just simply animal names to animal sounds, colors, letters and then finally attributes so Animal Scramble actually grows with the child and you can set the difficulty level depending on your player's skill level. You can also adjust the difficulty level by setting up the "course" smaller or bigger depending on the kids playing. You can keep the targets close together for smaller children or spread them out all over the living room for bigger kids. We started off with the animals arranged in a circle around us as Connor is not old enough to play competitively but it is still a good learning tool. As the giraffe says the name of the animal we need to target you run to the animal and cover it with the giraffe.

Other than just skill levels you can also choose which sort of game you would like to play. You can just play a single player game or you can compete for the fastest time, treasure hunt which is basically hide and seek, and a memory game where you must target the animals in order.

Good for 1 to 6 players and though its rated for ages three and up though on the one player mode some children as young as two with supervision will find it pretty entertaining. If your looking for a family game that will entertain all the kids in the house and your preschooler can play too its a great game!

You can learn more about Animal Scramble on the Wild Planet website as well as buy your own Animal Scramble at the Wild Planet Store or Amazon!


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