Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Something for growing minds!

My son can barely speak English.. the thought of him learning to speak Spanish as well is mind boggling. But Galloping Minds - Preschooler Learns Spanish is designed to do just that!

Spanish is such an important second language, I really regret taking German in school as the only thing that has done for me is provide me with a few cool phrases to say at parties or when I'm a little toasted, and well I did use it once in a bakery in France where ironically the baker spoke German but not English. Otherwise it might as well be a secret language as I've never had the chance to use it in my daily life or at any job I have ever had. Language really is one of those things if you don't use it you loose it, so other than reading simple phrases I don't think I could speak more than two or three sentences if my life depended on it.

However, If I had learned to speak Spanish, I could find a way to use it almost daily. You better bet Connor will be taking Spanish in school even if I have to force him. But learning it as a preschooler? Really? How cool would that be?

Galloping Minds - Preschooler Learns Spanish DVD is a super entertaining and very interactive. For everything that they show on the DVD they say the "name" in English and then in Spanish. The best part is that though its technically meant to teach your children Spanish it works both ways.. Spanish speaking children can learn English, English speaking children Spanish.. and those that do not speak either? Well it actually works just as well as an early learning DVD introducing your child to new words, colors, and numbers.

The DVD has several "chapters" : Family, Food, Nature and Animals, Action Words, Means of Transportation, Numbers and Colors, Parts of the Body, and Everyday Objects. Enough basic words to really build a small vocabulary in either direction!

Galloping Minds - Preschooler Learns Spanish is available on DVD Sept 16th and you can pick up your own copy on Amazon!


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