Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An ecofriendly light you can take anywhere!

I've been slowly looking for ways that I can decrease our power bills and be more ecofriendly at the same time. With my recent power bill being the highest one I have seen in years, mind you the last one I saw even close to it was in a house that was almost 3,000 sq feet and my current house is barely 1,200 sq feet so that seems a bit off eh?

My newest obsession is solar powered anything.. and though I would do just about anything to get solar powered panels on my roof, that's not quite the reality for us at the moment budget wise so I had to think a bit smaller.. and what is smaller than a mason jar?

Seriously.. a mason jar! What?! I'm sure your thinking what on earth does a mason jar have to do with solar power or being ecofriendly? Well I am so excited you've asked as what looks like a normal ole mason jar is really the most ingenious little solar light. The Sunjar is just that, a solar powered light that just happens to live inside of a mason jar. I'm sure your thinking why a mason jar? Well its simple, mason jars look cute, and the best part is that plastic seal and lid on a mason jar makes it waterproof so you can use it indoors or out.

I almost had a fit the first night we had our Sunjar, I set it up in the kitchen by the sink window and it glowed most all night. The light wasn't so bright that you couldn't use it in a bedroom as a nightlight but it was bright enough that I could easily use it to find my way around if we had a power outage or even as a light for some cozy dining. The second night though... sadly my Sun Jar did not glow.. nor the night after.. or the week after. I moved it all over the house to every window and nothing, and I finally realized that those great trees I have outside my house also cause me to have so little natural light coming through the windows that the Sunjar was just not charging. So I took matters into my own hands and left my precious jar outside all day on the table outside. Like a charm it worked! So I may not get my kitchen night light but I will have one rocking outdoor light on my padio for now on. Seeing as the Sunjar has a night seal on the lid it can happily hang out on the porch and there is no fear of the solar panel or battery compartment getting wet.

We picked up our Sunjar over at Wishingfish.com and talk about one cool storefront. I could name at least a dozen things right away that I would love to have, and if your looking for a great place to start your holiday shopping Wishingfish has some awesome stocking stuffers and gifts to get you started. Some of our favorites is the Sunjar of course, a set of agate coasters that I would LOVE to see in my own home, and if your looking for something a bit odd how about some bacon and egg bandages or bacon toothfloss?

Speaking of odd.. my 30th birthday is coming up here in two weeks and it seems unreal that I am turning 30. I may need to find a way to forget that I'm getting old, so a set of the beer bands may just be the ticket.

Head on over to Wishingfish.com and check out all of the great gift ideas, who knows you might end up finding something for yourself too!

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Anonymous said...

What a cool post! I want to get those lights. Sweet! Thanks for the site link.

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