Sunday, September 7, 2008

Packing so easy the grandparents could do it.

Connor goes to visit his aunt Jennifer and his grandparents fairly often. I never thought I would be one of those parents that would be happy to ship their kid off for the weekend and still I have to admit I don't get as much done as I should as I end up pacing around the house when he is not here. But packing for a trip for the weekend has always been a bit stressful for me. My mother likes to dress Connor up nice when he comes to visit, not that I blame her Connor does have quite the collection of adorable clothes, but trying to make sure we have everything while Connor is attempting to unpack the bag as quickly as I pack it gets aggravating.

The My Bag from Kushies makes traveling a bit less stressful with a toddler but it would be great for any kid and I have to admit I end up using it myself when we travel together. Seriously just for a moment.. think about all the stuff you would have to pack to send your baby off for a night, much less a weekend. Diapers, Clothes, Shoes, Socks, a favorite toy or two, baby medicine just encase, some snacks and of course a blanket. Well the my bag not only has a spot for all those things but its so easy to see what your forgetting.

The My Bag is basically a large duffel bag with a hanging hook on one end. There is a chocolate and blue version for boys and a pink and orange bag for girls. Inside the bag the My Bag comes equipped with its own travel sized pillow and blanket so automatically your at least ahead of the curve. heh. As well there is a bag for dirty clothes, clean clothes, shoes, medical supplies, snacks, and two side compartments as well for extra storage. It makes packing a snap as you just lay out the bags and when they are full your done! Even grandpa can do it. (heh sorry Dad!)

I even like it for overnight trips as those clean and dirty bags are great for undergarments and I can pack my bare beauty accessories easily in the medical bag. The bag is also generously sized enough that I can usually squeeze in just enough for me and Connor for overnight now that he is past the stage of needing 50 thousand bottles, and all those other accessories that newborns require.

The My Bag can be purchased directly from Kushies. You just have to check out the rest of their offerings when you are over there. I'm working on a cloth diapering article as we speak and I keep eyeing their diaper wraps!

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