Sunday, September 28, 2008

Looking to purchase your diapers?

Cutie Tooties is a one stop shop for buying your first cloth diapers or adding to your current stash. They offer an extensive list of faqs to get you started including the most important one "Why cloth diapers!" as well as a calculator that will show you exactly what cloth diapering will save you financially. This is particularly useful for convincing husbands or partners who may see the price tag per diaper and back off at first in convening them that cloth diapering really will save you money in the long run. I know that was one of my very first obstacles myself as it was hard to imagine a diaper that costs $17 verses a whole pack of premium diapers that costs a little less saving me money. What most people don't take in account is that one $17 diaper can be used hundreds of times where that pack when used is gone forever.

Really the best way to get started in cloth diapers, is to buy a starter package, this can save you a lot of money and it is a great way to jump start your stash. Cutie Tooties takes the guesswork out of knowing where to start by offering starter packages of a selection of different types of cloth diapers and even a accessory pack which can take the guess work and the stress of knowing where to begin out of your diapering experience. One of the most amazing features of Cutie Tooties is the survey. Just fill out the survey which includes some information about your baby, your preferences and what you expect out of your cloth diapers and you will receive a custom response with recommendations and tips to get you going. Its like having your own diaper consultant in your own home. If you live in the Knoxville Tn area you can get a local consultation as well in person at their storefront!

Cutie Tooties was kind enough to send us a Fuzzi Bunz and a Thirsties All in One to review.

The Fuzzi Bunz I reviewed previously this week and is one of our staple diapers. Nothing fancy, nothing frilly, but if your looking for a solid reliable contender in your stash which is great for overnight use its a great option for taller babies as it has a higher rise than some of the other diapers I've tested. Its one of my favorite diapers and our first choice on days that Connor's butt is experiencing some rash issues as the lining is very soft and almost fluffy so it keeps the wetness away from his sore tush. It's actually the first diaper I reach for when we are going out as its generously sized and easy to double stuff and add extra doublers for added protection, its also one of my favorite overnight options.

The Thirsties All in One is what I like to refer to as one serious leak fighting diaper. Its almost the tank of my diaper stash, this diaper means business when it comes to preventing leaks. It's a true All In One and may just end up being dad's favorite diaper. Nothing to stuff, nothing to do, just velcro on and your good to go. It functions fabulously without any extra doublers or liners as an overnight diaper, Ive actually never added any extra doublers or liners to this diaper though its totally possible to do so. It has some pretty serious leg gussets on the side which is fabulous for teething babies who may be experiencing some runny poop. Really the only complaint I have with this diaper is its one of the bulkier diapers in my stash. For this reason we reserve it for overnight use and around the house as its pretty plush when it comes to pants. If you have a girl baby however it would be an adorable option under dresses as it comes in bright colors so there is no reason to hide it.

Both the Thirsties and the Fuzzi Bunz are our favorite overnight diapers as regardless how long I use cloth diapers I do sometimes worry about leakage at night, actually regardless if I'm using cloth or disposables I worry about overnight leakage as we had horrible problems with leakage using disposables when Connor was smaller. I wonder often if I would have had the same problems if we had used cloth.

One of my favorite features on Cutie Tooties is the diaper dictonary. The most confusing thing to new cloth diaper users is knowing the difference between an all in one, fitted, pocket, what are the difference in inserts, ect. Cutietooties guide not only answers these questions but shows pictures of the different types and offers some brand suggestions.

Head on over to Cutie Tooties and check out their great selection and all of those informational faqs too! You can even start a cloth diapering gift registry too!


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