Sunday, September 28, 2008

I saved my favorite diaper for last!

So I've had a few emails as to what was my very favorite diaper from diaper week. Well it's a hard choice as I really love them all but one just stands out from the rest in functionality and convince that I have to admit I found it was my preference early on. The easiest way to tell which diapers are my favorite is its rare to find them in the diaper drawer as pretty much as soon as they are washed and cleaned they end up back in the wet bag as they stay in heavy rotation.

Softbums brand new Perfect Fit diaper is the most unique, best fitting one size diaper we own. It's brand new revolutionary way that it adjusts makes it quite easily the trimmest and best fitting one size diaper currently on the market. Most one size diapers adjust in a series of snaps or other sorts of adjustments on the front of the diaper. Basically lowering the rise of the diaper by folding over the fabric. and latching it down.This results in an unusual amount of bulk in the front of the diaper when the diaper is on its smallest sizes. They do not always account for skinny legged babies in the adjustment so in those awkward growing spurts sometimes you may need to use a doubler or extra liner to make up the space. The Perfect Fit diaper by Softbums solves both of these problems in a very unusual adjustment method.

The Perfect Fit by Softbums does not look like a one size diaper at all at first look, there is no snaps or loops on the front to adjust it and unless you knew where to look you might not even guess that it adjusts. This diaper is not a pocket diaper however it does have a front opening that hides the diapers unique secret. Just reach inside of the front opening and you will feel a toggle clasp. That toggle clasp is attached to the elastic that runs down the legs of the diaper. This is how you adjust the diaper from a newborn diaper to a full sized diaper for a toddler. Just slide the toggle up and down, tuck the elastic back into the diaper and you can adjust the diaper to fit your baby and even more importantly to make a snug adjustment on the leg openings of the diaper to not only give you the perfect fit but to keep any leaks at bay as you will end up with the absolutely perfect fit on the legs as well as the rise.

The really cool part though is because the adjustment sort of scrunches the fabric down instead of folding it down in one part it's really hard to notice that there is any extra bulk at all when the diaper is in its smallest setting as it distributes the extra fabric across the diaper instead in one location.

If you were listening you would have heard me say that this is not a pocket diaper. So I'm sure your wondering how exactly you add inserts if it does not have a pocket opening. This diaper is sort of a hybrid diaper.. you could call it an all in one, but instead of the insert being sewn into the diaper it snaps onto the back of the diaper and folds over in the front to adjust to the size of the baby. This makes this diaper my absolute favorite diaper to wash as there are no pockets to stuff or unstuff. The liner just snaps onto the back of the diaper and then when its time to wash it you just unsnap it. It dramatically reduces my folding and washing times as its just quick and easy.

If you plan on going with this diapering system buy extra inserts. As long as nothing gets on the diaper itself (if the mess is contained on the insert) you can really get away with using the same diaper across several changes.

Pros :
  • Nothing to stuff, just snap the insert in and go.
  • Will fit babies from newborn to 6lbs to 35lbs.
  • Use the same insert from newborn to 35lbs.
  • The trimmest fitting one size diaper we've tested thus far!
  • Will be available in velcro and snaps!
Cons :
  • It uses its own insert so you may not have as much luck using other brands of inserts with it.
  • This is a new diaper so the color choices will be limited at first.
The Perfect Fit Diaper will be released officially on Sept 30th! I expect there will be tons of orders so if your interested head on over to the Softbums website and get your name on the list!
Check out the Perfect Fit Diaper at Softbums for more info!


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