Saturday, September 27, 2008


Kissaluvs are the only fitted diapers I will be reviewing this diaper week. There are two reasons for that the first one was I was most interested in reviewing all in one, one size, and pocket diapers this first diaper week as though they are not necessarily easier to use than a fitted diaper but I think most diaper beginners usually tend to flock towards the all in ones as they fell they are "easier".

Kissaluvs attracted me as they are just incredibly beautiful, and still just as easy to use as a pocket diaper. I just could not turn down fluffy pastel diapers with the multi colored snaps. I actually regret that we only have two as I just adore them. They are so plush and fluffy in fact that if I was a baby I would be begging my mom to put them on me. The only issue is that they are a fitted diaper and fitted diapers require diaper covers as they do not have a waterproof outer layer and I just cannot bring myself to cover them nor have I found a diaper cover (yet) that I feel is worthy of them.

Fitted diapers are the modern version of the diapers your parents may have used. They look and function pretty much exactly the same way a one size diaper would. No inserts, no doublers, just put them on and your ready to rock. The only extra step that you need to do is cover them with a waterproof diaper cover to prevent leaks. I have used my Kissaluvs successfully with the addition of an insert for short periods of time without a diaper cover but if your worried about leaks its always better to just go ahead and cover them.

My favorite use for the Kissaluvs though is for the days where Connor is just not having a good day. Connor suffers from terrible diaper rash and sadly he inherited his mothers stomach too and even the hint of teething sends him into a bout of awful runny acidic poop which is a downward spiral as Ive found that his diaper rash is aggravated by the runny poop not to mention that very runny poop is classically not great with cloth diapers and disposable diapers seem to aggravate his rash even more. Needless to say up till the Kissaluvs it was always a game of rolling dice. Use a cloth diaper with two doublers and hope for no leaks, use a disposable diaper and risk worst rash than he might already have, or just leave him in the bathtub all day (not the best option). Well Kissaluvs claims that their diapers are fabulous for runny poop and boy are they right. The Kissaluvs interior is almost the constancy of a super super soft washcloth and its very absorbent but it also traps that icky poop in its terry cloth type fabric. So as long as you have a good waterproof diaper cover on your pretty much good to go no matter what a little butt can throw at you. Sorry not trying to gross you guys out!! heh. Needless to say that the Kissaluvs's fabric also seems to trap the poop away from the skin and its almost therapy on Connor's raw butt. We just love them. I just only wish I could find a really beautiful cover so I wouldn't feel so bad about covering them!

One note I should make about diaper covers, you do not have to wash your diaper cover every single change. I wash mine every third change so you can really get away with only a few covers.

Pros :

  • The best option for "runny stuff".
  • Beautiful color choices.
  • Much easier to use than your mother's "folded" diapers.
Cons :
  • You will feel guilty covering them with covers as they are too pretty!
  • Finding a cover prettier than the diaper.
You can learn more about Kissaluvs at their website! Also check out the retailer search to find Kissaluvs online or near you!


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