Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An escape proof diaper!

I think I mentioned earlier that Connor has learned how to wiggle out of his diapers while he is sleeping.. well this made me think of some extreme measures on how to keep him in diapers and not have to put pants on him as its still fairly warm here this time of year and he overheats really easily. Needless to say my brilliant plans of duct tape is just not feasible nor zip tying his diapers on.. so when I saw the Wahmies One Size Diaper I just about did the happy dance.

The Wahmies One Size has a very unique hook and loop adjustments that makes this one of the smallest adjusting one size diapers on the market. As well as being super adjustable the hook and loop makes it nearly impossible for those tricky little strip artists to get out of the diaper. The other large benefit to the many adjustment spots combined with the snap down front you can virtually adjust the diaper to fit any baby just perfectly even those tall skinny babies which are always a bit difficult to fit properly.

The thing that confused me a bit about the diaper were these extra sets of S hooks near the front of the diaper. Then I watched this video provided by Wahmies which answered that question as well as really gives a great demonstration of how to adjust the diaper.

Turns out those extra hooks are to shorten the front of the diaper so the Wahmies One Size will fit the smallest of babies.

Pros :
  • One of the most adjustable diapers we've seen.
  • Totally escape proof for those babies who will do anything to be naked.
  • Being ultra adjustable also means no sagging in the legs which means no leaks!
Cons :
  • The hook and loop closures can be a bit hard get off a super wiggly toddler.
  • Diaper can be a bit bulky on the smallest setting.

You can learn more about Wahmies on their website as well as use their store locator to find a store to get your own!

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Qtpies7 said...

Wow, that is the first diaper that I've ever come across that makes me even CONSIDER switching from BumGenius. Sam is an escape artist, so I would love something that would prevent that and not be as difficult at 3 snaps per side at each change.
If I were pregnant, I'd be trying these out. I just don't have that much time left with Sam in diapers to make a big switch. I may buy one to try, though.

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