Thursday, September 4, 2008

Connor's coloring skills are getting slowly better!

Thanks to the Tadoodles we got for our last Crayola review, Connor's coloring skills are slowly improving. Though its still a little hit or miss on the paper we are getting there.

I'm totally digging the egg shape of the Tadoodles. Little ones love to color and especially finger paint but anyone who has attempted finger painting with a two year old quickly learns that finger painting usually equals painting everything in the general area.

However with Tadoodles paint markers you get the same affect as finger painting but when your child drops the Tadoodle unlike a brush it just flips back over and its pretty difficult past pushing on them when they are head side down to get them to leak.

Tadoodles Scribble and Sing is the next step in the Tadoodles line. At this point its really hard to get Connor to concentrate on coloring for more than a few minutes at a time as he just is not really at the point of drawing but Scribble and Sing adds a whole new zing to coloring that really keeps his attention. The Scribbles and Sing Art station includes five Tadoodles paint markers which conventionally are stored inside its base. The middle cradle has a sensor that allows the Scribble and Sing to know which marker is placed in it. I do have to make a note though, I was slightly confused by the fact that it says in the description "You can use it with any Tadoodles marker". Well let me clarify. Sure you can use any Tadoodles marker and any marker will fit in the cradle but only the markers that actually come with the set are recognized by the sensor on the Scribble and Sing.

Regardless of that little fact, the Tadoodles Scribble and Sing are an awesome way to get your toddler excited about coloring, and even more importantly excited about drawing something other than just random scribbles. Thats the first step after all to writing his or her name for the first time! We thus far have mastered the art of dots. heh.

The Tadoodles Scribble and Sing is available directly from Crayola or on Amazon!


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