Thursday, September 4, 2008

Charlie Bone!

With my new eye condition reading is just not as easy as it used to be, thank goodness for books on CD or I would be going insane! I recently got acquainted with Charlie Bone thanks to Charlie Bone and the Beast . And though I'm starting a little late in the series as this is actually the sixth book Charlie reminds me a bit of my old friend Harry (yes yes I mean Harry Potter). He's a student at a magic boarding school called Bloor's Academy and people are out to get him. Heh sounds a bit familuar?

Regardless of the fact that there is a simular theme going on Charlie Bone is not only a great second love for all those fellow Harry Potter fans out there but his story would be just as fabulous if I hadn't been a previous Potter fan. Seeing as we were introduced to him through the audiobook vs actually reading the book I only have one complaint. The narrator the famed and very popular audiobook reader Simon Jones has the most soothing voice, and though its fantastic to hear him read (ok maybe this is not so much as a complaint as praise.. heh..) but with my serious lack of sleep lately his fabulous voice has a tenancy to lull me to sleep. Which seeing as I usually listen to my audiobooks in the car I've been trying to catch up with Charlie every night before bed instead. I'm starting to wonder if these folks at Boor's Academy may just be the ones behind all his trouble.

Honestly enough really the only disadvantage I've had showing up in book six of Charlie Bone is the fact that I seem to be missing many of the facts of whats going on. I have no idea why Charlie Bone's father lost his memory, anything about Charlie's previous enemies, and like many other excellent fantasy novels the characters have a detail background which I am unaware of. The good news is I love Charlie Bone that I've already been searching for copies of the past books on audiobook so I can catch up.

Speaking of fabulous children's fantasy series. Halloween is coming sooner than you'd imagine, I actually saw costumes in our local Target the other day, and Halloween screams one thing to me when it comes to children's books. GOOSEBUMPS. Though I have not heard them myself yet I can't even imagine how amazing it must be to experience Goosebumps in an audio format. Can you imagine, sitting around campfire style listening to Goosebumps as if you were listing to a scary story first hand! R.L. Stine's Goosebump stories are not too terribly scary, but they do offer just enough suspense to keep you on your toes even as an adult. Horrorland, Stine's newest series from Goosebumps, involves children being lead to the most horrifying theme park ever. The first book in the series revenge of the living dummy makes me shiver just thinking about it. I seriously am terrified of stories that involve living dolls and an old dummy that Britney and her cousin Ethan find turns out to be more than just a dummy.. ugg.. *shiver*. The second book in the series Creep from the Deep is much more up my alley! Billy and Sheena while on a boat trip with their uncle finds them face to face with an undead 200 year old Pirate Captain.

You can find out more about the series at Horrorland's website.

I have quite the treat for you guys. Scholastic was awesome enough to not only give me three copies of Charlie Bone to give away to our readers but one lucky reader will get the first two books in the Horrorland series as well. All will be in audiobook format.

To enter :

  • Leave a comment on this post. Check out Charlie Bone and tell me what book would you most like to hear as an audiobook!?
  • Make sure there is a way for me to contact you - if your email address is not on your profile or you are not a blogger you may leave it in your comment or email it to me directly (angelaandconnor at gmail dot com) We have had to disqualify a lot of potential winners as of late as many people do not have emails available in their profiles or leave anonymous posts without any way to contact you.
  • Please US entries only.
  • To get extra credit :
    • For an extra entry :
    • Bloggers - Blog about this contest and leave me the link on your comment, or add me to your sidebar and let me know its there.
    • Non Bloggers (or bloggers) subscribe to my mailing list/RSS feed and earn another entry!
    • One extra credit per person. Please post your extra credit in a separate post.
    • This contest will end September 30th at midnight!


rebecca said...

My husband has a job where he gets to listen to Audiobooks while he works. It sometimes makes me jealous as I don't have time for reading...and any time I could potentially spend that way I don't have hands for holding the books. You have the best giveaways! rebecca342 at gmail dot com

windycindy said...

Always fabulous giveaway prizes. I adore audio books. My husband enjoys them,also. Many thanks, Cindi

haomom said...

WE love this series at our house, this would be a fun win


I adore audiobooks too- everyone can enjoy and can do other things while know multitaskers...and love them for kids becuase you can play them while they are coloring and they enjoy listening and creating..byt the artwork you can see if they enjoy the story or not

Ginny said...

My daughter loves the scary books & she hates reading. She loves listening to books, this would be great for her. It might finally give her the reading bug that I keep hoping she will get!

Abby said...

Charlie Bone and the hidden king I would like to hear on audio tape. Please pick me for the winner of these one my son LOVES this series of books!

Miss Spoken said...

Midnight for Charlie Bone. Perfect with Halloween fast approaching.

Miss Spoken said...


Linda said...

I would like to hear Charlie Bone and the Time Twister as an audiobook!
Thank you for hosting the giveaway!
Good luck everyone!

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