Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bathtime just got alot easier!

We've had a hanging bath toy organizer for some time, but the problem has always been that the larger bath toys just won't fit. Seeing as Connor's favorite thing in the entire world is to take a bath, we have quite the collection of toys and lining up the big ones along the bath tub is just not working anymore as I'm bound to knock them off every time I even get near the bath tub. The problem is most bath toy storage products are built for small toys, like little boats and rubber ducks, but nothing really properly stores the larger toys or a big collection of toys.

The Bath Toy Store from Kuster not only solves the problems of storing the larger toys but it looks cool! It basically consists of two almost trash can looking bins stacked, the inside one has drain holes so you can just scoop the toys out of the bath tub and drain, then any leftover water will drain into the bottom bin. The best part about that is that you won't have to worry as much about mold which is always an issue when it comes to children's bath toys as they stay wet so much of the day.

The other most obvious benefit to the Bath Toy Store is the fact that it doesn't LOOK like kid's bath toy storage. If you have a really great looking bathroom, an animal shaped bath toy storage hanging in your shower may not be the biggest turn on to you. My parents had just that delima, they have a huge beautiful bathroom and their bath tub is seperate from the shower and a normal hanging bath toy sorter was just not practical as Connor bathes in the tub and not the shower and the last thing they wanted was a huge animal hanging in their shower. But finding something that doesn't look like a kid product but still functions as well is difficult at times. The Bath Toy Store not only looks great but it can hang out in the corner of the bathroom without anyone realizing its toy storage unless they look down inside of it.

Speaking of designs that are kid friendly but you won't mind hanging out in the middle of your modern kitchen, the K1 high chair from Kuster is so pretty. I can't stop checking out the pure white high chair with that green and white polka dot cushion. Who would not want that sitting in the middle of their kitchen? The really great part is that it works as a booster chair for kids up to six years old, so once its life as a high chair is over it coverts easily to fit the needs of children as well allowing them to sit properly at the table with the grown ups. The adjustable foot rest is also great for teaching babies and children proper posture, this coming from a girl who still cannot put her feet squarely on the ground in an average chair I personally would really appreciate a chair with a adjustable footrest myself! Though we have not tried one out personally, thus far all our experiences with Kuster has been fabulous.

You can read more about the Bath Toy Store and K1 High Chair over at the Kuster website. If your intrested in buying either for yourself head on over to BareBabies. You can get 10% off your Kuster's purchase at Barebabies with the code : sdb10offkuster!

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Anonymous said...

I love the green organizer. My daughter would have fun filling it and emptying it.

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