Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Awesome for diaper changes.. comfortable enough for naps!

When I was planning my nursery I opted not to go with a changing table. Honestly I've never been a huge fan of the typical pads on changing tables and it just seemed like a waste of space. Boy do I regret that decision now. Up till now I have been using the floor and a changing pad to do Connor's diaper changes. Believe me that worked fine up till about the time he learned to crawl and these days its more like a struggle on how to keep him still long enough to make the diaper change happen.

The problem is that I'm still not all that impressed with most diaper changing pads. They are kind of stiff, not really exciting to look at, and well I'm 4'10 so those wedge shaped diaper changing centers are just sort of a pain in the butt for me as I can never seem to get comfortably over the baby with my height.

The perfect solution? A Jellybaby by Kuster! Made of memory foam it feels like one of those luxury beds and its just rounded enough to prevent rollovers but low enough that I don't feel like I am reaching over a fence to reach my child. Seeing as we don't have a proper changing table I use mine on the floor and just slide it back under the crib when I'm done. Its so comfortable that Connor happily jumps right on to get his diaper changed and stays put. I don't blame him if I had one big enough for me to lay on you'd find me napping on it. heh.

The neat thing is memory foam never gets cool, it strangely always seems to feel warm so those naked little tushies don't end up shocked from laying them down on a cool mat. Though you can get a cover to go over it, honestly I think its just as nice bare. The memory foam is water resistant and super easy to wash clean but if you just want to add a little extra style to your Jellybaby you can get one that fits right into the curve of the Jellybaby.

The best part is the Jellybabyis totally portable. The Jellybaby comes with a travel bag so you can take your Jellybaby with you as you travel. It would also make the PERFECT changing mat for grandparents, babysitters, or home day cares as its easy to store away when the kids are not around. The memory foam actually prevents the mat from slipping around on any table, floor, or even your kitchen counter top so you can turn virtually any surface into a changing station for the day then slide it under the bed, crib, or tuck it in the closet when the baby is gone and no one will be none the wiser.

You can read more about the Jellybaby at Kuster's website and you can buy your own at BareBabies.com! Use the coupon code : sdb10offkuster for 10% off your Kuster purchase at BareBabies!

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