Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who's ever heard of a vegetarian dragon?

Everyone knows that Dragons are man eating, fire breathing, and downright nasty. Well, that's just not the case when it comes to Herb! Herb not only doesn't eat humans but he is a vegetarian!

The only problem is Herb is just too busy with his garden to realize that the humans are on a mission to destroy all the Dragons in the land! They are sick and tired of being plundered, pillaged, and well eaten. Can you blame them? While all the other Dragons are plotting the war on the humans, Herb is busy making some soup. When the humans come looking for him he is totally unprepared!

What on earth will happen to poor Herb?! Its up to one little girl to save him and its up to Herb to save the rest of the dragons.

Herb the Vegetarian Dragon, from Barefoot Books, is a great lesson in peace, friendship, and well that vegetables are actually good. Speaking of which, I am out of Zucchini and I need to make a run to the farmers market tomorrow. Where is my own Herb when I need him?

Herb the Vegetarian Dragon is available directly from Barefoot Books and on Amazon!

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Anonymous said...

I am searching for a good gift and I think you have given me the perfect idea for it. My niece will be 5 and this seems a perfect age ranged read for her. I will look for it this weekend. Thanks you!

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