Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh my gosh.. the Banana Splits are back!!

Anyone around here old enough to remember the Banana Splits? It was a 60s TV show that featured a group of costumed characters that had their own band. Sort of a comedy hour type show that was popular at the time.

I'm a bit too young for the show but I did see tidbits of it as a I distinctly remember Bingo (the gorilla). I did check out some videos online of the show and I am so excited about it. Connor LOVES live action shows and this one is super colorful and full of music, all of Connor's favorite things.

Check out this video clip!

Check out the Banana Split's website! You can watch video shorts, play games, and even write your favorite Banana Split some fan mail! The theme song is pretty catchy too! I really need some cool Elton John glasses like Bingo has!! heh.


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