Sunday, August 3, 2008

The ultimate book for that horse crazed kid of yours!

As a little girl I lived and breathed horses, and they are never far from my thoughts now, but I'm fairly positive one of my first words was "pony".

I actually feel sorry for my parents a bit as I think I spent most of my first five years crying myself to sleep as my dad wouldn't buy me a pony. Needless to say.. love you daddy.. he did finally submit and the rest was history as pretty much for the next 18 years my life consisted of horse show after horse show. Even holidays and birthdays were horse based as all I ever wanted was horse toys, horse gear, and well horses. I actually got my first real pony for my 16th birthday. Yes you heard me right.. I asked for a pony not a car!

When I saw Magical Hoofbeats over at Barefoot books I knew I had to get a copy. I'm not sure Connor has inherited my love of horses but just encase he does we are so ready for story time now!

Like most Barefoot books Magical Hoofbeats really helps put children in touch with other cultures and beliefs, which is part of the reason I really love their books Magical Hoofbeast is actually a collection of eight horse stories from around the world. Each story features an introduction that tells you a little about horses in the culture of the country in which the following story is written. In North America it talks about how though the first horses evolved in North America they no longer existed by the time the Indians came to settle. Though we always thinking about Indians and their Appalossa and pinto horses these horses did not exist in North American until after the Spanish made first landfall. These two breeds that we know to day to be the Paint and the Appalossa actually are descendants from the first Spanish horses that landed in the new world. A little side note, my first show horse was actually an Appaloosa!

Along with the great stories Magical Hoofbeats has some absolutely gorgeous illustrations that I have come to love about many of the Barefoot books. The Book also comes with two storybook CDS which allows you to take the stories with you in the car or is great for bedtime!

Magical Hoofbeats is available directly from Barefoot Books as well as on Amazon!


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