Sunday, August 17, 2008

This rabbit can go toe to toe with its more expensive competition!

I know I go on and on about handmade , hand knitted, or wooden toys basically anything that looks as if someone spent an ungodly amount of hours making it just so your child can drool on it. I also realize that not everyone can afford $40+ for one plush toy. With that said I have been looking long and hard for a toy that looks like some of those gorgeous handmade and knit toys I have been featuring but has a much smaller price tag, and by golly I finally found it!

Everyone meet Stripes the Rabbit by Schylling Toys. He is stunningly gorgeous, and would be just at home on a shelf as decoration as he is at our house being drug around by one ear or being used as a cannonball to throw at poor Melos, who by the way is not a big fan of Stripes only because Connor likes to hold him by the ears and sling him in Melos's direction. With that said when Connor is not abusing Stripes he looks amazing sitting on my rocking chair or being displayed on Connor's bookshelf. Really, Stripes doesn't mind all the abuse either he is taking it like a pro.

Needless to say for about $15 Stripes sells for far less than his luxury priced counterparts and he looks just as cool. I actually LOVE Stripe's rainbow motif and his huge floppy ears. Stripes is fairly petite at a slender 13" not including his long ears so he would be the perfect companion for smaller hands, preschoolers, or anyone who would just love to own their own gorgeous little knitted rabbit. I still can not get over how strikingly gorgeous for the price. Right now he is hanging out on Connor's bookshelf right next to another knitted plush that sells for over $40 and you know you'd never know which one was the more expensive one.

Believe me if you brought a Stripes to a birthday party the parents would assume you spent a fortune on him!

Stripes the Rabbit
is available for purchase on Amazon! You can also read more about Stripes on the Schylling website!


Brn2lisn said...

Oh he is adorable. What a great find.

Anonymous said...

Ok... I am in love with this rabbit.

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