Monday, August 4, 2008

Part time crime fighter!

There are just some products that are so much better shared in pictures than in words. This is one of them.

Thats Connor in his brand new Baby Leo Designs cape. We were actually outside on the sidewalk when it arrived and knowing what it was I immediately pulled it out of the box and showed it to Connor. Though he does not yet really understand what a super hero is, I swear it must be ingrained into boy's instinct as he immediately wanted me to put it on him. What happened next I belive my neighboors will remeber at least for the near future. Connor with the addition of his new cape became "Super Diaper Pants" and proceeded to run full blast while squealing at the top of his lungs all around the front yard, just a diaper and the cape. I thought my neighboor across the street who was watching us the entire time was going to have to make a potty break he was laughing so hard. I ended up having to chase him down across three yards it got so out of hand. Needless to say that boy loves his cape.

My very first impression of the Baby Leo Designs cape was just how fabulously it's made. Super soft and thick satin on one side and a great velvet lining which sets this cape apart from any other play clothes you may have purchased. Its much more of a luxury blanket quality than dress up clothes which by the way I am so used to coming in that cheap satin and ties that break the third time you put them on. Actually the cape does function very well as a travel blanket as you can just unhook the cape when your little super hero gets tired and throw it over them for snuggling. I mean what little boy would not love to go to sleep with his cape by his side? You never know when Super Diaper Pants may be needed!

The Baby Leo Designs capes come in two sizes, sidekick and regular, Connor is a very short 15 month old and the sidekick size works perfectly for him. Though its almost floor length on him at the moment and he should be able to easily wear it until he is at least four. Neck wise it actually fits me comfortably so really the only reason he will outgrow it is length.

What really struck me though is the actual emblem on the cape, the black background has glitter which seems silly but it really gives it a little extra something. A boy or a girl would absolutely love to have it. I'm still totally blown away by the quality.

While your over at Baby Leo Designs check out their blanket and baby accessories. I've had my eye on that rocket man baby blanket for Connor's room as we have been working on this rocket/robot theme.

Baby Leo Designs are available directly on their website.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this. My son is 14 months and he will probably love this.

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