Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Looking for a baby play mat?

Have you been looking for a unique baby play mat that you can proudly display in your living room that doesn't scream "Hey look at my baby stuff"? Well up till now I didn't think they existed. Most baby play mats are bright colors, primary colors, black and white, or feature some sort of children's character on them. Honestly I love the bright colored mats but I'd be the first to admit that it gets old seeing it in the middle of your living room all the time, and the worst part is you spend a lot of money on this play mat that your child outgrows just way too fast.

Well Magic Cabin has a play mat that is not only good looking, but it has a lifespan well past the baby years. Connor is no longer in the play mat phase, at 15 months though he is mildly amused by a play mat with a hanging bar its more out of novelty than play value. The velour mouse play mat over at Magic Cabin raises the bar for all other play mats. Ok, it doesn't feature any lights or music but I'll be honestly with you we had one of those light up musical play mats when Connor was younger and I left the power off more than on. Really what he enjoyed most about his play mat was laying on it at tummy time and running his hands across the crinkly bits and of course for impromptu naps. What I really hated is his mat didn't offer much in the way of padding and it was HUGE, bulky, and hard to store.

Well the Grey Play Mat with Matching Rattle Mouse over at Magic Cabin is gorgeous, you won't feel the need to snatch it up every time guests come over as you will be proud to let them see it. The best part is its very thick, and made of a super rich and soft to the touch velour all over. Though it does not feature any lights or music there is still plenty for babies to explore including crinkles, silky ears and squeakers. Though honestly the best part about the whole mat is that it is just as appealing to toddlers as a comfortable place to sit and nap. When I first showed it to Connor he sort of ran over it in his bare feet, needless to say he stopped turned around and planted himself right in the middle of it and spent a good fifteen minutes just running his hands over the fabric. Not that I blame him, I'd really like to have a bigger one to nap on while he plays in the morning. heh. Not to mention the matching mouse is large enough to be just as appealing to toddlers as it is to babies.

The Baby Play Mat with Rattle Mouse is available to purchase directly from Magic Cabin. While your over there check out their great selection of toys. I just spent a good half an hour browsing their selections and I am always finding something new and cool!


CailinMarie said...

I adore your blog title!!! Seven dogs! My husband would crawl to his computer desk and never emerge! :-) I also love Magic Cabin though I've never tried the Play Mat. I gave up on play mats due to dog fur. What is your secret on that one?

Angela said...

Heh.. secret to no dog hair? Hmmm well thats a good question as we get some dog hair on the play mats here and there but for the most part the dogs KNOW that baby stuff is OFF LIMITS.. but they still sneak on it at times and really the only secret is washing :)

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