Sunday, August 10, 2008

Is that a grasshopper?!

I'm not sure why they named the Okiedog Cheeky Chick a "chick" as it looks more like a grasshopper than a chick to me but either way its certainly one unusual and adorable looking ride on.

As my house is already crammed full of baby stuff the Cheeky Chick has to be one of the most ingeniously designed ride on's ever as though its actually a larger ride on it folds down so small that you can easily store it in the corner of a closet, in a cubby, and it fits easily in your trunk when visiting friends. The fact that it folds at all is unique in itself, as most ride on's come as this bulky large mass which always leaves you to attempt to try to find a corner to stick it in when not in use, don't even get me started about having to pack up a normal ride on when you head off to the grandparents for the weekend. Connor's Chick travels a lot between my house, his aunts house, cousins house, and grandparents house and my Cheeky Chick spends a lot of time tucked comfortably in the floorboard of my back seat. Its great as I always know if we have a party or family event I can just throw it in the car and Connor will have his own toy wherever we go.

The Cheeky Chick itself looks a bit like a modern sculpture of a grass hopper. It's not the typical truck, character animal, nor is it "pink" so it is equally as attractive to boys and girls. It features a huge single back wheel and two smaller wide set front wheels which makes it very stable so I don't worry so much about it tipping over when Connor gets on and off. The width of the front tires and the big handle bars on the front actually make it a great toy for pushing too. Though Connor is walking really well now he pushes it around often like it was a walker and we have had smaller visitors over who used it very successfully as a balance toy for walking as well.

My only regret is that the Cheeky Chick does not feature turning wheels on the front. So for children to change direction they actually have to lift up the front of the Chick to go in another direction. Though this is more common than not in ride on's and its always the one thing I wish they did do. Otherwise the large wheels makes it really easy to push inside and out as well as equally as durable for indoor and outdoor surfaces. It's also rated for children 18m to 4yrs (up to 45 lbs) mind you Connor is about 15 months old and small for his size and maneuvers the Chick easily.

One little thing that most dad's will highly appreciate especially when it comes to birthday's and holiday's the Cheeky Chick comes fully assembled so when you get your own all you have to do is open the box, retrieve the Chick and follow the simple instructions to unfold it. Your ready to play in under 30 seconds.

The Cheeky Chick is available for purchase directly from International Playthings!

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