Saturday, August 9, 2008

Have you ever felt as if no one was listening?

I'd love to think that every little kid can go their entire life without having to feel "ignored". I think we all have moments where it just seems as if no one is listening.

Sam is having just one of those days, it seems as if no one is paying him any attention. His parents, teachers, friends, the more he tries to get someone to listen to him the less it seems anyone is listening. The worst part is, Sam is shrinking!!! Every time someone fails to notice him Sam gets smaller. Before he knows it he ends up falling down the drain!!

Sam finds out he is not the only kid who feels ignored at times, and the best part is with the help of a new friend he not only finds his way out of the drain but the way to get big again! It's a great story and a great reminder that it really is important that we listen to those around us no matter how busy we are! Don't worry Sam, we are listening!

Shrinking Sam is available directly from Barefoot Books and on Amazon!

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Eryn said...

Just had this book put on hold at our local library, thanks for telling us about it, it looks adorable!

(look, Angela! I'm listening lol)

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