Saturday, August 2, 2008

Is that a bird? A plane? Oh no its just Connor!

Is that a bird.. a plane.. no its Connor in his Little Capers shirt!!

Talk about genius when it comes to children's clothing design. Recently we were vising our cousin Andrew at his birthday party and Connor's cousin, Jackson was wearing a Mr Incredibles costume throughout the entire party. It was cute, but it looked so incredibly hot, I couldn't help to think he would have been just as happy in a Little Caper's shirt instead of that bulky costume.

Little Capers
makes super hero t shirts that have velcro on capes. You can wear the t shirt with or without the cape and there is no reason to run around in that itchy Halloween costume when you can be just as cool as well as comfortable!

Little Capers are not just for boys.. they come in a huge selection from my personal favorite the Red Star Hero to a Pink Heart Hero for girls. Who ever said that girls can't be super heroes, heh buddy I feel like a Super Hero every day after chasing a toddler around 12+ hours a day. I must save him from eating or doing something that could cause him harm at least five or six times a day at least. If thats not a super hero power what is?

For the littlest super heros make sure you check out their Little Heroes line as well. They come without capes so they are infant safe!

Little Capers
are available directly on their website or you can check out their store locater!

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Anonymous said...

CUTE Capes!!! I love the heart ones for girls.

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