Friday, August 15, 2008

Garfield is back!

Garfield has been the running champion of the annual talent competition in Cartoon World for some time. When this new hansom cat steps in and threatens to take Garfield's thunder, Garfield is forced to really go out and rediscover his "funny" in attempts to win the talent show.

Garfield was a staple of my childhood, and honestly I don't really remember why, I think my grandfather must have loved Garfield? Either way from reading the comics every weekend to watching the Garfield cartoon show I spent an awful lot of time with that lasagna loving fat cat. I mean really what cat loves lasagna? Personally I was a bigger fan of Odie and always cheered him on, after all I still believe he was the mastermind behind everything. heh.

In Garfield's FunFest, Garfield has more on the line than just loosing the talent show! Arlene, Garfield's long time sweet heart is in danger of getting swept off her feet by this new hansom cat and Garfield must prove that he is still the funniest cat around. He sets off in search of a magical pond full of funny water. The whole adventure is full of funny one liners, family friendly fun, and really in the end Garfield learns that the funny is really just inside him.

I still can't help to be a bit taken back by Garfield gone 3D, I love technology but its just a big adjustment for me as I really did like the original animations. The new voice of Garfield is a bit of an adjustment as well. However, Connor loved it and he was non the wiser to the change. heh. So I guess it really is Garfield for a new generation! Man I feel suddenly old for some odd reason.

Garfield's FunFest is available right now on Amazon!

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Rhonda Martin said...

I'm having a blast reading your blogs. I have a friend from high school that was a garfield nut. She used to have a stuffed garfield with the suction cupped feet attached to her side window in her car. I remember that so clearly even though it was about 20yrs ago~! I hated Garfield and also loved Odie!!! hehe

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