Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ambajam sounds almost magical!

Ambajam almost sounds like a word you'd hear spoken out loud at a magic show. And in a way its its own magical thing as the clothing and accessories over at Ambajam are the perfect blend of bright cheerful colors, cute designs, and uniqueness that is just the sort of thing I try to look for when finding items to review here at Seven Dogs and a Baby.

Honestly anyone that knows me well enough knows that I hate the color yellow, I'm not so sure why and it may have something to do with the fact that my own room as a child was all yellow but I've grown to find it offensive unless mixed with other colors and as a rule I tend to group orange in there with yellow. Not that I have anything against orange it just falls dangerously close to yellow on the color wheel, and yes I know I'm mildly insane for saying that.

But just one look at the orange onesies with the the colorful pokadot animals over at Ambajam may have just changed my mind about orange all together. Not to mention the blue boat pants with the orange ribbon accents around the bottom. I never quite realized just how great orange looks with blue and I was so inspired! I've been matching Connor's blue tee shirts with orange diapers all week just to prove the point that orange is not so bad after all.

The rainbow colors of the prints on their animal appliqués are almost intoxicating and its hard to feel glum just looking at them. My favorite hands down though are the original ringer onesies with a red trim around the neckline and sleeves of these great vintage inspired onesies and the paring of the bright polka dot animal appliqués they make quite a statement and are absolutely unisex so you can use them now, then use them again if you plan on having another.

Actually that's one of the best features of most of the Ambajam clothing line, though maybe not the pink items or the skirt, but for the most part a good majority of Ambajam's clothing is totally unisex. Even those fabulous boat pants with the orange trim look as great on boys as they do on girls and really just depending on how you add accessories you can change the entire look. I have the turquoise short sleeved shirt and the orange boat pants which look totally boy on Connor but if you just added a pink belt or some pink shoes it would look equally as great on girls (or just how it is!). Honestly that's my biggest hangup on buying expensive clothes for Connor as I know I will be having another baby at some point and I hate to have to buy an entire new wardrobe if it turns out to be a girl especially if I spent a zillion dollars on my last one. Needless to say no matter what I have next time around my Ambajam pieces will seamlessly adapt to a girl or a boy without any question.

Everyone has to know about my obsession with polkadots by now and believe me Ambajam's stuff is almost irresistible to me with all those polkadots in the appliqué designs. But if you really need to sink your teeth into something polkadot delicious check out their burp cloths while your over there. I seriously need to get myself a few sets of them at some point as they are pretty rockin. Not to mention their delicious blankets.

Don't forget to check out their promo section to see the monthly deal. It changes monthly so check back!

Otherwise Ambajam can be purchased directly off their website or you can search the store listings to find Ambajam near you!

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Rhonda Martin said...

I just skipped over to check out this site since a lot of there items are unisex and I have my first grand baby coming and have no idea what sex the baby is. I love there long sleeve onesies and you were right they are unisex at least a lot of them are. Thanks I hate shopping malls and love to order from home.I bookmarked this site thanks again for sharing this webb site.

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