Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You no longer need a bigger car just or a double stroller!

I was a bit shocked when my cousin told me she actually had to trade in her Honda for a SUV just so she could get her double stroller in it. I personally cannot afford to move up to a bigger car, just in the cost of gas, to get a double stroller in my car. I knew out there somewhere there had to be a better option.

As I did some research on double strollers to my horror I found out that most of them are well over 30lbs. That does not seem like much but if you have ever tried to drag a 30+ stroller out of your car while holding a baby and trying to keep an eye on an insane toddler you have another thing coming. If the increased weight was not enough all on its own the sheer size of some of these folded double strollers is daunting. After a little hands on research at a local baby store I found that a good majority of these double strollers are almost as big folded as they are put together! You trade height for length as they fold and in the end I'm not sure which is better.

I keep dreaming of having another baby.. but all this double stroller business has me rethinking my big plans. Thank goodness Joovy stepped in and shed some light on my little problem.

The Joovy Ultralight Caboose is everything you DON'T think of when you think of a double stroller. It's so far the lightest double stroller I've found at a meer 21lbs it actually weighs in less than some of my high end single strollers. Not to mention the caboose design actually cuts down quite a bit on the length of the stroller.

Its really unusual for a double stroller as its not actually two seats, the front seat is a standard stroller seat which will hold a baby 6 months+ and has a car seat adapter that is included with the stroller, yes I did say included! The car seat adapter is something I rarely see in strollers under the $400 mark at least being included with the stroller itself. The back seat is a bench which is suitable for sitting or standing, and honestly this strollers only downfall is the fact that the back seat bench is suitable for children 2.5 yrs or older. So for those of you who had your babies a year apart this may not be the stroller for you at least not at first, however for those of you who at least have a two year age gap, bravo!

Some of the other features that really impressed us : The Joovy Ultralight Caboose has a super large canopy in the front seat, its big enough to really give good coverage but not so big that it gets in the way of the back seat. The front seat is actually really padded and will accomidate a child up to 45lbs, as well the stroller comes with a removable snack tray which is big enough for a small toy or treats. The back bench is fully padded so even though the older child is stuck facing backwards they won't be uncomfortable as well it does offer its own three point harness for those times when you really want them to stay put.

The last part of this stroller I should really share, it offers TONS of storage. There is a fairly large sized storage bin underneath the seating which is accessible via the elastic mesh or through the back bench if a child is not present, as well as a storage organizer between the handlebars which also holds your drinks, and even a cool little organizer right behind the front seat which is a great place to store small things for the child in the back seat or just your coupons for shopping!

I can't honestly think of a single thing I would add, which is a first for me! I even love all the color options!

You can read more about the Joovy Ultralight Caboose on the Joovy website as well you can purchase your own Joovy by using their store locater or you can buy the same model we have on Amazon!

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Marci said...

We have the regular Joovy sit n stand (not the ultra light model) and I LOVE it! It looks just like the ultra light and was such a deal at $150. I really did not want a double stroller that looked like a limo and this was the perfect solution (not to mention my oldest who was 3 when we got it thinks her little seat in the back is pretty cool)!

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