Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where did you get that lamp!?

I never knew a lamp could be the topic of quite so many conversations, but I've been slowly converting Connor's room to a more toddler friendly space theme and I looked everywhere for a really super hip, lamp that would challenge his imagination. At first I had thought to try to find a UFO lamp, but when I came across the Jellephish I knew it was just the thing.

Made from an acrylic base and a digital LED dome, the Jellephish is half lamp, half work of art. The dome may be removed and mounted flush to the wall as well if you prefer. The Jellephish is at home almost everywhere, even in a nightclub, which makes it a surprise design element in a child's room. It's enough to get your visitors to start asking questions. The most common one around here is "What exactly is that?!" followed by "Ohh! Can I play with it?".

The Jellephish is unique as its a "mood lamp" which basically means it changes colors depending on what mode you have it on. Controlled completely by a remote you can choose to have it stay one color, respond to sounds, or even scroll through what seems like an endless array of colors. I usually set it to slowly scroll through colors and leave it on while Connor is sleeping. I was a bit worried at first that with so much use we would eventually burn out the LED light, but Jellephish states that the LED light is good for about 40,000 hours.. which boils down to about 4 years of 24 hour use. That means I could run it 8 hours a night for about 13 years. At that point I think we would have more than gotten our money's worth!

The only real disadvantage of using the Jellephish in a child's room is that the base is made up of somewhere around a dozen acrylic pieces. They basically fit together just by stacking them and with a twist of the dome you secure them. With constant handling or rough little hands the pieces may come apart which will cause you to then have to reassemble the lamp. It wont actually break the lamp but I would be concerned about pieces getting lost. Otherwise if you are looking to add a bit of a modern element or an unusual feature to any room in your house its a great option. In a child's room I especially love it as you can take the remote with you and then turn it off without disturbing them after they are asleep. The feature that allows it to respond to music is a fun option at nap time or in a teen's bedroom as well.

The Jellephish is available through smart candle's website.

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Dr. Dolly (@drdolly) said...

hi angela,

in the color scrolling mode, is it too much stimulus for connor? does it keep him awake?

i tried a spinning magic lamp with calvin...rocketships and planets...WAY WAY too much going on. kept him awake...dreadful. so, it's for awake time, not nighttime.

just wondered how fast it changes, and how distracting it is to a baby/toddler trying to fall asleep.

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