Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sony Digital Cameras just never dissapoint me..

I've been a big fan of Sony Digital Cameras since the first T Series was introduced. My own beloved T Series camera was just retired recently and I have to admit I'm already feeling a bit lost without it. Seeing as I have been using a T series camera for what seems like an eternity I am lost without it. Actually I have not been without a T series camera since my first faithful T1 and then my most recent T5 so needles to say I'm a big fan of Sony.

So when we got the opportunity to get our hands on the new DSC-W120 I jumped at it. Though I have to admit I have never up till now laid my hands on anything in the SonyStyle line that was not a T Series camera, my previous Sony experience has always been wonderful. Actually up till the last three months every picture you've seen on this blog of Connor was thanks to that T5 and even though it was several years old you can't really complain can you? Ok, enough talk of the T series and on to the DSC-W120.

The first thing I did the moment I got the DSC-W120 out of the box was of course pop the battery in and turn it on. I have to admit I was a bit taken back, not only does the power button light up when you push it but the camera starts up with a very crisp and clear happy little tune that compeltely threw me off. I spent a good five minutes just investigating this glowing circle (which happens to be the power button) on the top of the camera. Ok, maybe I am just easily distracted but for some odd reason this power button still fascinates me.

If you are looking for a totally foolproof easy to use no directions needed camera, the DSC-W120 will not at all disappointed you with its insanely easy to use menu and settings. I am a point and click girl myself, I don't get caught up in all the settings and I have enough to do with my life than to tinker with a camera for three hours just to get one drop dead perfect shot. And if you have spent any time taking pictures of dogs or toddlers you will know that if you have to spend more than two seconds messing with a setting you might as well just pack it up and go home. I can't even tell you how many adorable pictures I have missed because I was sitting there trying to find where the flash setting was on someone else's camera. With the DSC-W120 all of the most commonly used settings are available at the spin of a dial on the back of the camera. Along with that there is an "easy" setting which basically does everything for you. Oh you know that mine is set on easy.. yep.. you caught me.

But honestly this may sound silly but my favorite part of the entire camera is the fact that the menu buttons are all separate and not part of the directional buttons. One big pet peeve I have with digital cameras is without fail someone in the family wants to see the pictures I've taken right after I have taken them and its always someone who has no clue about how to do anything on a digital camera. So I end up handing them the camera and show them quickly how to flip through the pictures and without fail.. every single time they end up pushing up instead of right (or whatever it is on that particular camera) and they get thrown out of the slide show and I am forced to stop what I am doing and walk over and reset the slide show for them and find where they were at in the 500 pictures I take at any given moment. *sigh* Well with the DSC-W120 the play button to review the pictures is a totally separate button from the directional buttons. This may seem trivial to some of you, but seriously they can push up, down, sideways, whatever they want and unless the touch a button outside the directional arrows that pesky family member or friend looking at your pictures will stay in the pictures. You can even set up a slide show that includes music and show it on the TV for everyone, how nifty is that?

If you do not have the steadiest hand you will also be glad to know that the DSC-W120 offers one of the best (in my opinion) stead shot features I have seen. As well the Sony DSC-W120 offers smile shutter and face detection. It also shoots incredibly well in low light situations which is great for indoors or evening shots.

Really the only thing I can say bad about the DSC-W120 is that its rather heavy compared to what I am used to. Though its still more than tiny enough to be comfortable shoved into your purse I would consider it a medium sized camera when it comes to digital cameras. There is a tiny advantage to that however, my old T5 was so tiny and light I had some trouble on occassion even finding it if it fell to the bottom of my purse. Though other than width this camera is not much bigger it does seem to weigh about twice as much. If it makes you feel any better its almost half the price of the newest T series as well.

The DSC-W120 is available in silver, pink, and blue and you can purchase it directly from SonyStyle or even on Amazon! If I was picking one up for myself I'd get that blue one it is too cute! The DSC-W120 would be the perfect gift for new moms or even grandparents!


Heather said...

We are big Sony fans in our house. All the electronics my husband buys seem to be Sony and he will only get Sony cameras. I forget which we have, but we love it.

Peggy said...

This camera looks easy to use and I like the large screen,so much easier to see what I am taking a picture of,lol

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